Very little information is available regarding the flags brought by beforehand American Marines, although indications room that the grand Union flag was brought ashore through the battalion led by Captain Samuel Nicholas on brand-new Providence Island, 3 in march 1776. The is quite feasible that the Rattlesnake flag was also carried top top this expedition.

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The standard brought by the Marines throughout the 1830s and also 1840s consisted of a white ar with gold fringe, and also bore fancy design of one anchor and also eagle in the center. Prior to the mexico War, this flag bore the legend "To the Shores the Tripoli" across the top. Quickly after the war, the legend to be revised to read: "From Tripoli to the Halls the the Montezumas."

During the Mexican and also Civil Wars, Marines in the field apparently carried a flag similar to the nationwide flag, made up of red and also white stripes and a union. The union, however, included an eagle perched top top a shield the the joined States and a half-wreath in ~ the shield, v 29 stars encircling the whole design. Start in 1876, Marines lugged the nationwide colors (the Stars and also Stripes) with "U.S. Marine Corps" embroidered in yellow top top the center red stripe.

At the moment of the Vera Cruz landing in 1914, a an ext distinctive traditional was carried by Marines. The style consisted that a blue ar with a laurel wreath encircling the maritime Corps emblem in the center. A scarlet ribbon over the emblem lugged the indigenous "U.S. Maritime Corps," while another scarlet ribbon listed below the emblem lugged the motto "Semper Fidelis."

Orders to be issued top top 2 April 1921 which directed all nationwide colors be produced without the yellow fringe and also without the indigenous "U.S. Marine Corps" embroidered on the red stripe. This was adhered to by an order dated 14 march 1922, retiring from usage all nationwide colors still in use through yellow fringe or wording top top the flag. Following world War I, the Army practice the attaching silver- bands carrying engravings enumerating certain decorations and battles to be adopted. This exercise was discontinued on 23 January 1961.

Marine Corps bespeak No. 4 the 18 April 1925 designated gold and also scarlet together the main colors the the U.S. Marine Corps. These colors, however, were not reflected in the official maritime Corps traditional until 18 January 1939, once a new design incorporating the brand-new colors to be approved.

The style was basically that the today"s marine Corps standard.

For a brief time following civilization War I, the inscribing of battle honors directly on the colors of a unit was in practice, but realization the a multiplicity of honors and also the limited space on the colors do the system impractical, and also the procedure was discontinued. On 29 July 1936, a maritime Corps plank recommended the the army system of attaching streamers to the employee of the organizational colors be adopted. Together a device was finally authorized by marine Corps bespeak No. 157, dated 3 November 1939, and also is at this time in practice.

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