If you want to start your path to automotive self-reliance, then you'll need a basic idea of what's under the hood of your car.

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Don't mean to remember every little thing in this post right turn off the bat. Learning an easy car maintain takes practice, just like riding a bike for the very first time or discovering a new language. Intuition for parts and also fixing random points will construct over time as you work much more on your car. One day once you're make the efforts to remove the pan shroud but "that stupid thingy is in the way", you'll remember that "thingy" in the way is the alternator!

Tips for Learning about Your vehicle Parts

Not every engine is the same. Two common engine varieties are V6 and V8. Lock are defined below.The oil dipstick, transmission dipstick, and radiator location are all an essential to frequent vehicle maintenance for a car owner.It's a an excellent idea to have actually a shop hand-operated for your details vehicle. There are specifications and instructions for each make, model, and year of a auto or van that regularly prove to it is in invaluable. Clymer and Haynes are two top-selling manual publishers.


Preparing to Investigate: Pull your Hair earlier and destruction In

Safety First

People with lengthy locks: You might want come pull her hair back, specifically if you're walk to inspect your transmission fluid. The automobile must be running to get precise reading the the infection fluid, and also I guarantee the you don't want the engine to gain a hold of her hair. If her hair gets caught in a belt or fan, the engine will certainly win that tug-of-war! traction it into a ponytail or much better yet, a bun for now. Friend don't need to remove her acrylic pond to discover the engine v me today.

What Is a V8 Engine?

Let's begin off identifying the beforehand model V8. V8 indicates that the engine has actually eight cylinders through two rows of four pistons. Pistons room the things relocate up and down v kinetic energy and also are nearby to each various other on the crankshaft. Electric energy istransfer v the spark plugs and also causes the burning of air and fuel inside the cylinders which home the pistons. The cylinders and the pistons are set in a "V" pattern, for this reason V8. The engine displacement is 454 cubic inches. Substantial engines of this size are used for gyeongju or hauling hefty items.

Memorization Tip

Practice memorizing the labeled parts by writing out her answer for each number before scrolling under to check your answer!


Component crucial for a 1989 454 V8 1-Ton Engine

Radiator Reservoir: Radiator reservoir is offered for coolant overflow.Power Steering Check-and-Fill: usage the same hole to check and fill the strength steering fluid.Brake liquid Reservoir: check the fluid level and top turn off brake fluid here.Transmission Dipstick: Fill and also check transmission liquid through this hole. The engine need to be to run to check the transmission liquid properly; see security Precautions section below.Air Filter: The waiting filter is located on top of the carburetor to it is provided the carb with clean air.Fuse Box: This is among two fuse boxes; one more fuse crate is situated inside the car.Radiator Cap: never ever open the radiator cap once it's hot. To express the hose to feel for pressure and also heat prior to opening.Engine Oil fill Cap: eliminate the engine oil fill cap to add oil after checking the oil level via the dipstick. The engine oil dipstick is identified at number 9.Dipstick: The dipstick is supplied to inspect engine oil. As soon as the engine is warm and shut off, traction the dipstick out of the hole and wipe it off. Stick back into the feet carefully, and also slowly eliminate it. Observe wherein the engine oil falls on the measuring stick. If the oil falls listed below both notches on the meter, the engine needs much more oil.Air conditioning Components: Don't mess with the air conditioning components. The air conditioning compressor contains lots that freon under pressure.Battery: The battery is vital to accessibility when jumping your vehicle or an additional person's vehicle.Information Labels: these labels carry out information about your specific vehicle.Hood Latch: The hood latch is offered to accessibility under the hood. Typically, a switch or lever inside the automobile on the driver's next pops the hood to allow access to the hood latch.Serpentine Belt: The serpentine belt wraps about all the pulleys in the engine.Alternator: The alternator generates electric power to store the engine running and also recharges the battery.Fan Shroud: The fan shroud assists v cooling the vehicle.

"Sideways" or Transverse Engines Explained

What Is a "Sideways" Engine?

Let's look at a 1996 high-performance engine. The complying with engine is a 2.5L V6 24-valve Chrysler engine that is positioned sideways. What does each of these points mean?

2.5L: The number of liters shows the size of the engine.V6: "V" suggests the engine shape and also "6" points to the total variety of cylinders.24 valve: "24 valve" way there space two intake and also two exhaust valves in every of the six cylinders.

This engine is claimed to it is in "sideways". Instead of facing front to ago when you open up the hood, the engine is facing right to left. The accessory belts are situated on the left side encountering the passenger-side wheel. Number 3 details the parts of a "sideways" engine.

Valve Calculation

(2 input valves + 2 exhaust valves) x 6 cylinders = 24 full valves

Where's the Battery?

A couple of car makes position the battery in daunting spots. On some Chrysler models, such as the 2004 Chrysler Sebring, the battery is located in one of the oddest locations I've ever seen: in prior of the driver-side wheel. In bespeak to accessibility the battery ~ above this specific make that vehicle, girlfriend must:

Turn the steering wheel come the left, until you view inside the wheel fine on the former driver's side. Remove the removable dashboard on the battery box.Once the dashboard is removed, friend will view the battery.

The other vehicle is the Corvette. The battery, mostly on enlarge models, is located behind the driver's seat in a box under the carpet.

Tip because that Jump-Starting her Chrysler

In a Chrysler with a wheel-well battery, there is a remote hopeful ("+") terminal under the hood located in the fuse box (number 6 in number 3 below). It has actually a red, plastic covering on it. In order come jump her car, pull off the red cover and also attach the hopeful (red, or "+") jumper cable to this terminal.


Component key for a 2.5L V6 24-valve Chrysler Engine

Radiator Reservoir: Radiator reservoir is offered for anti-freeze overflow.Power Steering Check-and-Fill: use the same hole come check and also fill the strength steering fluid.Brake fluid Reservoir: examine the fluid level and top off brake liquid here.Transmission Dipstick: Fill and also check transmission liquid through this hole. The engine should be to run to inspect the transmission liquid properly; see security Precautions below.Air Filter: The waiting filter is situated on height of the carburetor to it is provided the carb v clean air.Fuse Box: This is one of two fuse boxes; an additional fuse crate is located inside the car.Radiator Cap: Never open the radiator cap once it's hot. Squeeze out the hose to feel for pressure and also heat prior to opening.Engine Oil fill Cap: eliminate the engine oil fill cap to include oil after checking the oil levels via the dipstick. The engine oil dipstick is identified at number 9.Dipstick: The dipstick is provided to inspect engine oil when the engine is off.Air conditioning Components: Don't mess v the air conditioning components. The air air conditioning compressor contains lots of freon under pressure.Windshield Washing Fluid: Windshield washing liquid is an important for clean the windshield while driving and should be checked regularly.Technical Labels: Labels for SMOG, A/C, spark plugs, etc. The information on these labels concerns your certain vehicle.Hood Latch: The hood latch is supplied to access under the hood. Typically, a button or bar inside the car on the driver's side pops the hood to allow accessibility to the hood latch.Access come Shock Absorbers: Shock absorbers absorb shock impulses. Leave tampering with these come a licensed mechanic.

Safety Precautions


When checking the transmission fluid, the engine should be warmed up and running for a appropriate reading.

Be an extremely careful of moving parts and wires, particularly with hair or dangling/loose clothing! If your hair or a scarf is near the serpentine belt, the breeze resulted in by the fan can lead it to record the belt. This might pull your head or neck towards the engine. You re welcome be careful!

Cooling System

If you uncover your vehicle overheating, do not eliminate the radiator cap (Figure 3, number 7). Pressure builds under the radiator cap in the cooling mechanism as a automobile runs. Open the hood therefore cool air deserve to blow end the engine. Wait until the temperature gauge within your auto has gone down to zero degrees.

Never spray or "hose down" a warm engine. As soon as your auto overheats and also you revolve it off, spraying cold water on it may crack the engine! The major temperature readjust is too lot for the metal.

Overheated Engine Tip

You can progressively pour water on the radiator only while the engine is still running. This, and also time, room the only two things that will safely cool under your engine. Sit on the next of the road waiting for the engine come cool under is a bummer, yet the options will damage the engine or you. Do not shot any other technique for cooling her engine.

Final Tips

Parts That need a Technician

In figure 3, the heavy duty fuse crate (6) and also the wait conditioning contents (10), both call for a licensed technician. There's nothing you have the right to do because that these components, so leave those to the experts.

Easy fluid Check

Check your power steering fluid, engine oil, radiator fluid, and also transmission fluid regularly. Fill or peak off as needed and check her owner's hands-on to identify when your auto needs to be serviced.

Battery Replacement

Batteries need to be replaced around every two to three years. Eliminate the an unfavorable terminal first, climate the positive. Automotive batteries can be very heavy, and some are upwards that twenty pounds plus, for this reason be mindful when you're lifting it out and putting the new one in. Be certain to have the terminals on the exactly side, optimistic to optimistic and negative to negative. Affix the terminals through connecting the positive first then the negative.

With all that said and also done, take it the quiz below to watch what girlfriend remember!

What's Under your Hood Quiz

For each question, choose the finest answer. The answer crucial is below.

You're top to Disneyland through a automobile full of children when your vehicle over heats. What perform you do?Keep going since the vehicle is still running.Pull over at a safe spot, then open the hood till the engine cools.Turn the vehicle off and also spray the engine with water.What's wrong with wearing a coat, gloves, and scarf once you inspect your infection fluid?Nothing, I'm freezing however I require to inspect the infection fluid.The scarf deserve to get captured in the relocating parts and hurt me.Nothing if I revolve the engine off to check the transmission fluid.How plenty of cylinders walk a V8 engine have?16I have actually no idea.8

Answer Key

Pull end at a safe spot, then open the hood until the engine cools.The scarf can get recorded in the relocating parts and hurt me.8

Interpreting your Score

If you got 0 exactly answers: Go directly to jail, yet you gotta walk, leave the car! do not pass GO. Perform not collection $200! :P

If you got 1 exactly answer: You can want come reread this hub. Skipping through is a waste of time.

If you gained 2 correct answers: Coffee breaks over, shift your attention into gear and also I'm sure you'll better.

If you acquired 3 exactly answers: 100%! your awesome! You can work top top my auto anytime!!

Words the Encouragement

If you feeling overwhelmed, relax. Like discovering anything, basic auto maintain takes repetition and also practice, and also occasionally do a couple of mistakes. Friend can't "hurt" your auto just by looking about under the hood or checking the fluids. You have the right to increase the longevity the your car by check under the hood early and often to catch problems prior to they begin!

This post is accurate and also true to the finest of the author’s knowledge. Content is because that informational or entertainment functions only and also does no substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technological matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: What is the role of the carburetor?

Answer: The carburetor is the method for which the engine is fed fuel. Its duty is to combine air and fuel right into a highly combustible combination. This air/fuel mixture is then drawn into the engine through the vacuum the engine creates once it is running. The mixture is fed into each burning chamber whereby a spark plug is at one end of each chamber. The spark plug ignites the fuel mixture sent out by the carburetor causing an to explode in the burning chamber. The power from the explosion is transferred to propel the vehicle.

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Question: Do different cars have different parts in them?

Answer: Basically, a gasoline engine will certainly have specific parts the are forced to make the engine run. A carburetor, pistons, spark plugs, exhaust, etc. Part manufacturers have extr items they will certainly install such as a stereo system, an alarm system, tinted windows, animal leather seats, etc. Every one of the components vary in size and also methodology (how they room attached and used in the car). Various engines may have a various set-up come accommodate a larger or smaller sized engine size and also requirement. So, come answer her question, yes, gasoline engines all have basically the same parts.