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“But soft, what light v yonder window breaks? that is the eastern and Juliet is the sun. Arise, same sun, and kill the envious moon.” 

“Two the the fairest stars in every one of heaven, having some business, entreat she eyes, to twinkle in your spheres till castle return.”

“With love’s light wings did i o’erperch these walls, because that stony borders cannot hold love out, and also what love have the right to do, the dares love attempt.”

~Romeo plot II Sc. 2 p.71


10 ft wall surfaces (my estimate) can’t separate Romeo and Juliet for this reason what can? oh right… their families. After analysis Act II, I’m pretty sure that this marriage is a poor idea. I mean what to be Friar Lawrence’s logic with Romeo and Juliet’s marital relationship symbolizing part harmonious tranquility treaty in between the Montague and also Capulets. F legislation is make the efforts to make everyone happy yet it’s just a recipe because that disaster. They’re mortal enemies. They’ve been fighting for probably centuries and arranging this secret wedding…. Well, let’s just say that’s not gonna walk well with the parents as soon as they find out.

I typical Romeo and also Juliet space madly in love each other and also that’s what plot II yes, really highlighted. Romeo climbs end the Capulet orchard walls which even Juliet exclaims room “high and hard to climb,” just to fulfill her. It’s clean she’s captured his heart and he’s obtained some severe parkour-rock-climbing spider-man skills. I additionally thought Romeo to be being fully honest once he was professing his love for Juliet. The kinda reminded me of all those cheesy rom-coms like once the man throws rocks in ~ the window of the girl he likes in ~ midnight. In reality, it’s pretty shady hearing some random dude throwin’ rocks at your window but it’s the believed that counts. Juliet basically states she doesn’t treatment if Romeo’s a Montague. Montague is just a name and doesn’t adjust how she feels around him. That’s been among my favorite moments in the play for this reason far. Continue reading →


Dear Abby: ns in serious need of part romantic advice. You view I simply met this girl in ~ a party and also it sound crazy…but, i think she’s she the one. And also I’ve been so perplexed lately due to the fact that the girl i’ve loved my whole life flat out garbage me,and I just don’t desire that to occur again. Every my life I’ve been told the Capulets room our greatest enemy. Yet, here I to be in love v the daughter of THE Capulet. Is mine life a lie? This feeling in mine chest…my love feels favor it’s skipped a beat. I feel prefer I’ve to be struck through lightning. Mine head is a bit dizzy. Is this love? she the girl of mine dreams and I’m therefore happy, however my parents deserve to never find out. They would kill me. What need to do? have to I fulfill her again or just bring on v my life due to the fact that the odds that us finishing up together space zero. Is it precious it?

— Romeo (helpless and confused)

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1. Very first Impressions

Saucy boys quarreling in the roadways of fair Verona.

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Forbidden love between two hopelessly romantic kids. Parents that think they recognize what’s finest for your kids. And also all the offer men and nurses handling these crazy folks. Ay, tis be the story of Romeo and also Juliet.