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Does anyone recognize where the drainpipe house because that the a/c is located? sorry if this is a repost, if it has been asked prior to please kindly direct me to the ideal thread. I searched but maybe i didn"t search hard enough. I tried transforming the a/c full blast and could no see any kind of water dripping indigenous anywhere, leading me come think that is clogged.

Easiest to acquire to (for feasible unclogging) by acquiring under the car. Look increase on the passenger side close to the firewall because that a water tap end. A shop-vac functions pretty well to clean clogs led to by critters crawling up in the pipe to spin webs. Part use long drill bits. Keep turning to "spin" a clog down quite than press it more up the hose. If you"ve ever had your oil changed by one of those quickie lube places,
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I looked increase the passenger next from the front and also couldn"t watch anything. Must I it is in looking from earlier passenger side? Behind the wheel?

Yes, passenger next "near the firewall" behind and inboard the the appropriate front tire. You"ll have actually to get the car up in the air to get under there. Be sure to usage a jackstand. An additional option, together in the video, you "might" be able to pull earlier your passenger next carpet under the dash and also see the hose. As an alternative, if your Toyota dealership offers free multipoint inspections simply roll in and also ask castle to inspect it for you. With any luck you"ll acquire a cost-free car wash the end of that too.
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How did this go? I"m having actually the same problem with mine 2014 Camry. Water appears under the prior passenger seat. Weird point is, it"s no every day and I"m running the AC tho every day. Many of mine trips room short since I"m working from house still. I"m going come look for a water tap under the seat. However if ns don"t discover anything, exactly how much carry out you think a dealership would certainly charge to clean a clogged drain line?

How go this go? I"m having the same problem with my 2014 Camry. Water shows up under the former passenger seat. Weird point is, it"s no every day and I"m running the AC tho every day. Many of mine trips room short because I"m working from home still. I"m going to look for a hose under the seat. Yet if ns don"t uncover anything, exactly how much do you think a dealership would charge to clear a clogged drain line?
Hey, I think he stated by the firewall which would certainly be where your feet rest under the dash. Not under the seat! That video clip shows the carpet pulled ago to expose the drain hose. Sure was a many water coming out! let us know if you ever get it fixed.Good luck !
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