Every time you try to download an application in Google Chrome, it gives you an annoying prompt in ~ the bottom that your internet browser asking if you space sure. Friend can't disable this post outright, but you deserve to make your downloading much more keyboard-friendly.

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The genuine annoyance in this post is the you have to manually click on the "Save" button to do it go away. Also worse, it's so tiny and the end of the means that I occasionally forget it's even there, and also then garbage time wait for the download after it's currently finished. Modern technology blog GHacks shows us how to replace this post with a an ext easily dismissible prompt:

The just option the users have is to permit the choice to ask where to save each record before downloading. The is not perfect solution because it will generate the download window on every download.

The home window offers an advantage to the user. Instead of having to relocate the mouse to the conserve or Discard prompt it is possible to complete the download by pressing go into on the keyboard, providing the right directory is displayed on screen.

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For those of you the don't know, this setting is in Chrome's preferences under the "Under the Hood" tab. Just inspect the crate that states "Ask whereby to save each file before downloading" to enable it. It must still default to your typical Downloads folder, so you have the right to just hit go into to i disbanded the prompt. The just downside is the this note will display up because that every document you download, not just executables—but if you download a the majority of software, it's probably an also trade.