MOST the us discover to write in the same way as children - just to construct our own sense of layout as time walk on.

But go you understand that our pen strokes space an understanding into ours personality? In particular, just how you compose an "X" claims a lot lot about who girlfriend are, an expert claims.

Handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight sheds part light on what each style meansCredit: Getty images - Getty

While the an easy act of drawing two intersecting lines is one most don't offer a 2nd thought to, it's clean that no everyone color etc the letter in the very same way.

The direction in i m sorry you attract the lines deserve to reveal some pretty exciting personality characteristics or amazing facts around your mindset.

For some, their strategy suggests they are "stuck in the past" if others room "trendsetters".

Oprah magazine asked handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight to melted some irradiate on what every style way - therefore what does your writing format say about you?

How do you compose your X? Credit: cyanpotato/Twitter

1. Stuck in the past

Kathi states that if you compose your X through two reverse strokes, and start from the reduced right, it suggests that while you may have an urge to relocate forward, you room mentally stuck in the past.

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2. Trying come escape your past

If you attract both lines moving forward, yet begin in reverse — native bottom left, climate the bottom best — you are a renegade. You have actually a solid desire come erase and also escape her past and move forward, however it still has a fixed on you...

3. What a rebel

The reversed strokes — starting top ideal —are the authorize of a rebel without a cause. Friend don't desire to conform or right in, but have zero reason for your determination to struggle societal norms.

4. Focusing on the future

Only your 2nd stroke is attracted the "normal" means — height right come bottom left — it indicates that while you're trying to emphasis on the future, a part of girlfriend is quiet tempted to walk backwards, as if you're driving when looking just through the rearview mirror.

5. Live by your very own rules

The an initial half the this X — attracted from height right come bottom left — is do "correctly," but the second — attracted from bottom left to height right — is written in turning back direction. According to Kathi, this is evidence that friend live by your very own rules.

6. Trendsetter

You begin your stroke native bottom left, and also out the order, you're a trendsetter — and also you own it.

7. Stick come the norm

Most world write your Xs choose this, according to Kathi, together it is exactly how schools teach us to compose our letters, going indigenous left come right. Difficult to this technique as a grown up is an indication the you don't have tendency to stray native the norm, and you worth order and also balance.

8. Thinking outside the box

Like many of these choices (besides 7), if you start from the optimal right, Kathi says it's evidence that you like to think external of the box.

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