Why did politics parties move to nationwide conventions to nominate presidential candidates?

To include an ext people in the process

Political parties very first ____ to nominate presidential candidates

used conference caucuses

A president who has only offered one term _____.

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usually runs because that a 2nd time

The presidential major system _____.

is offered in virtually all states.

The an option of delegates to the national convention produce _____.

conflict in every party

Why does new Hampshire hold its primary first?

It has actually a state law

Which state holds that presidential main first?

New Hampshire

Presidential electors were preferred to represent the understand of their _____.


Through the years, numerous plans have been argued to _____.

reform the electoral college system

The setup for presidential succession would be placed into action in each of these cases except _____.

the President gift temporarily hospitalized

According to the 25th Amendment, who becomes acting President if the President i do not care disabled?

the angry President

The evil presidency has taken on much more importance in current years since of _____.

the influence and also experience of current Vice Presidents

Which role best explains the President’s duties as head of the executive, management branch of government?

chief administrator

Each that the following factors contributed to the presidential choice system we usage today other than _____.

the issue over succession

Who obtained the 2nd largest variety of electoral votes in the 1796 election?

Thomas Jefferson

Who decides just how much the President will certainly be paid?

the Congress

In the united States, which is the President’s function as the cook of state?

The chairman both symbolizes and rules government.

Under the direct popular election setup to revolutionary the Electoral College, the winner would always be _____.

the majority choice

In the Framers’ initial presidential choice plan, electors would certainly _____.

cast 2 votes, each because that a different candidate for President

Why don’t major political parties have much interest in reforming the presidential main process?

Each party look at the nationwide convention as a way to unify and also strengthen that party.

What happens as soon as a presidential candidate wins a state through slightly more than half of the famous vote?

The candidate gets every one of the state’s electoral votes.

If the House falls short to select a chairman by January 20, the 20th Amendment states that _____.

the Vice chairman shall act together President

Before gift amended, the Constitution proclaimed that if the presidency became vacant, the powers and also duties the the President were to it is in _____.

transferred come the angry President but not the office itself

Why did some world criticize an early plan to permit Congress to select the President?

They wanted the human being to have a role in selecting the President.

Which state holds its presidential main first?

New Hampshire

To manage the government’s plenty of domestic and also foreign affairs, the Constitution gives the President large powers to act as the nation’s _____.

chief executive

The vice President’s duty as next in line because that the presidency was officially established by _____.

the 25th Amendment to the Constitution

Who emerged the nationwide convention come nominate presidential candidates?

political parties

The official qualifications for human being who great to be president are established by _____.

the Constitution

Political parties an initial _____ come nominate presidential candidates.

used conference caucuses

Electors in every state are preferred by _____.

popular vote

Which statement finest describes exactly how the chairman works v Congress?

The president suggests, requests, or insists that Congress happen his laws.

Which Framer gift the arrangement for a body of presidential electors?

Alexander Hamilton

Using either the district plan or the proportional plan to revolutionary the Electoral college _____.

would no ensure that the winner of the well-known vote would come to be President

The variety of delegates from each state is identified by _____.

the state’s electoral vote

The primary function of a vice-presidential candidate who is preferred to balance the ticket is to _____.

attract an ext voters for the presidential candidate

The stimulate of presidential succession after the Vice chairman was collection by _____.

the Presidential succession Act that 1947

As the main writer of American international policy, the president acts as the nation’s _____.

chief diplomat

Prior to the 25th Amendment, the constitution _____ if the President ended up being temporarily can not to accomplish the duties of office.

provided no guidelines because that what come do

In both the Democratic and also Republican parties, a committee decides ~ above _____.

the place and date of the national convention

Who is the oldest human being to have actually been President?

Ronald Reagan

The Framers finally determined that the President and Vice President must be selected _____.

by a human body of presidential electors

Which candidate’s power in the very first televised dispute helped his campaign?

John F. Kennedy

Why go the Framers decide against choosing the president by famous vote?

They felt that the country was too huge for voters to learn around the candidates.

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The youngest human being ever chosen President was _____.

John F. Kennedy

According to the Constitution, i beg your pardon of the adhering to persons have the right to serve together President of the united States?