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The Queen of mind (Audio Sample and also Lyrics)

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The Queen that HeartsShe made some tartsAll on a summer"s day;The Knave of HeartsHe stole the tartsAnd took them clean away.The King of HeartsCalled for the tartsAnd beat the Knave complete soreThe Knave that HeartsBrought back the tartsAnd vowed he"d steal no more.I"m the Queen the HeartsI did some tartsAll ~ above a summer"s day;I"m the Knave that HeartsAnd i stole the tartsAnd ns took them clean away.I"m the King of HeartsAnd I dubbed for the tartsAnd i beat the Knave full soreI"m the Knave of HeartsAnd ns brought ago those tartsAnd i vowed I"ll steal no more.(Queen: You much better not, young man!)Knave: No more!The Queen that HeartsShe made part tartsAll ~ above a summer"s day;The Knave the HeartsHe stole the tartsAnd took them clean away.The King that HeartsCalled because that the tartsAnd to win the Knave full soreThe Knave the HeartsBrought ago the tartsAnd vowed he"d stealvowed he"d stealhe vowed he"d steal no more.No moreNo moreNo more(Knave: Well ns don"t know about that,I mean, they to be there for the taking,weren"t they? i mean, i can"t promise nothingI typical I"m just a knave, ns don"t recognize whatI"m doing half of the time, ns mean, if they"re there and the chance arises. I median I simply gonna take it them away, aren"t I?Queen: Off through his head!King: Off v his head!Words & Music: TraditionalArrangement: Ian J Watts

Origin and also background

The beginning of this nursery rhyme lies in Lewis G. Carroll"s famous book Alice in Wonderland, i beg your pardon was an initial published in 1805. The Queen of Hearts is taken indigenous a pack of cards and also so space the other participants: The King that Hearts and The Knave the Hearts. Enjoy the story and the great musical arrangement by rick Benbow.

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