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The an essential to being a safe and also responsible driver is to be aware of her surroundings at all times and to be alert for perhaps dangerous situations.

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defensive Driving

Know exactly how to readjust your control to permit for problems with your vehicle, the type of road surface, bad weather, heavy traffic, bad lighting, and also your very own physical, mental, and emotional condition.

You must have the ability to see what is come the front, sides, and rear of your vehicle. Perform not load or equip your auto in any way that block what you deserve to see. Placing sticker labels or other objects on her vehicle’s windows deserve to limit your view of the road.

You will constantly make decisions every mile the you drive. A defensive driver is always aware of your surroundings and possible escape routes.

safety Belts

Safety belt use is obligated in for every drivers and also passengers in all accessible seating positions. A appropriately worn safety belt reduces the possibility of injury in a crash. Execute not leave slack in the lap or shoulder portion of the belt. Never put the shoulder strap under your eight or behind her back.

Child passengers need to be restrained in authorized child safety seats until they space 8 years of age or at least 4 feet-9 inch in height. Babies must journey rear-facing until they with two-years the age.

interacting With various other Drivers

Crashes frequently occur once one driver does not see one more vehicle or a driver go something unexpected. You deserve to let other vehicle drivers know what you plan to do or whereby you are by:

Signaling before changing direction or lanes.Using her brake lights to suggest you space slowing or stopping.Turning on your headlights.Using your horn as a reasonable warning.Using your risk lights when needed.

staying clear of a Crash

There are three things you have the right to do to avoid or minimize the affect of a crash—stopping quickly, turning quickly, and speeding up.

Stopping quickly

If girlfriend have sufficient distance to stop, apply the brakes. Be certain to review your auto owner’s manual on exactly how to effectively use her brakes.

Turning quickly

In most cases, you can turn the vehicle more quickly than you have the right to stop it. Scanning the area front will help you determine potential escape routes. If you will certainly not stop with time to avoid a crash, revolve away native it.

Speeding up

Sometimes the is best to rate up to protect against a crash. This may occur when one more vehicle is around to hit friend from the next or native behind and also there is room front of girlfriend to gain out the danger.

Driving off the Road

If you should drive turn off the road, you must know exactly how to safely get ago on it. The not correct reaction could result in a crash.

Don’t panic or brake hard. Slow down till you have the right to get back on the road safely.Grip the steering wheel firmly and keep your car on a right course.Turn the front wheels just sufficient to acquire you ago on the road. Do not turn sharply or you can go throughout the road into oncoming traffic.Oncoming Traffic

If an oncoming automobile is drifting right into your lane, pull to the appropriate as far as possible, slow down, and also warn the various other driver v your horn or lights. Never ever pull into the the opposite lane, the oncoming driver might turn earlier sharply right into that lane. In many cases, steering come the shoulder or ditch is safer than risking a head-on crash.


Animals deserve to be unpredictable. Watch for indications warning of pet crossings and also be ready to brake or slow-moving down as you pass an animal.

If you hit and also injure a domestic animal, stop and make a reasonable initiative to inspect injuries. What you have the right to do may depend top top traffic risks or the animal’s behavior. Instantly report the injury come the animal’s owner. If you space unable to find the owner you must report the event to local law enforcement.

Stop your automobile if a human riding top top horseback or leading an animal raises a hand or that is evident the pet is frightened, unless preventing would cause a crash. A elevated hand means the pet is frightened. Execute not usage your horn or make other loud, suddenly noises near the animal.

Hazardous Conditions

Driving i do not care hazardous when visibility is lessened or when the road surface is wet or extended with eye or ice. Hazardous conditions require slow speeds and also increased following distances.

Using Lights

Using headlights will help other drivers see you at all times that the day. Headlights need to be turn on native sunset come sunrise. Lights likewise must it is in on at any time problems make it complicated to see world or vehicles 1,000 feet ahead.

If making use of your high beams, you must dim your lights once an oncoming car is in ~ 500 feet. Dim your lights as soon as following another vehicle in ~ 350 feet. Headlight glare in a rearview mirror can blind another driver. When you are forced to dim her headlights, other auxiliary lamp such as fog lights, should be off. This extra lights do it an overwhelming for oncoming motorists to see.It is illegal to drive a auto at night or in bad weather with only the parking lamp on. A car stopped or parked on a road or shoulder must have parking lamp on in limited visibility conditions.

Night Driving

At night, your solution to hazards is slower since you cannot watch what is beyond your headlights. You have the right to reduce the danger if you change your driving habits accordingly. Adhering to are proposal for safe driving in ~ night:

Look slightly to the appropriate of oncoming lights and watch the roadway edge or fog line. This will aid guard versus headlight glare.Check your headlights, taillights, and turn signal lights regularly to make sure they room working and also lenses are clean.Be careful when passing at dawn or dusk. If an oncoming vehicle does not have actually its headlights on, you may not view it until it is as well late.Be alert for bicycles and also pedestrians together they room harder to see particularly if put on dark clothing.Fog, Dust and Smoke

If friend drive into fog, dust, smoke, or any area of low visibility, usage headlights on short beam. Light from high beams will certainly reflect back, leading to glare and making the more daunting to see ahead.

As visibility decreases, sluggish down. It is in alert for slow-moving or stopped vehicles and also other obstacles. Be prepared to traction over and also stop. If you choose to pull turn off the road, traction as much as you deserve to to the right and also turn on your peril lights.


Rain impairs your capability to see ahead and increases the braking distance essential to prevent your vehicle. When roads room wet, apply the brakes sooner and an ext gently 보다 usual. Even summer showers can cause slippery roads when rain mixes through oil and dirt.

Increase her visibility come other drivers by transforming on her headlights once your windshield wipers room on. Do not use cruise manage in wet conditions. Save windows clean of moisture.

Vehicle tires occasionally hydroplane (skim or float) over a wet road surface. The capability to steer and stop deserve to be decreased or lost. Slow down when roads are wet.

If you drive through water and the brakes get wet, gently use the brakes when driving gradually until they start to respond. That is finest to carry out this as quickly as you can after driving through water.

Do not drive with flooded areas. High water may reason loss of regulate or engine stalling.

Snow and Ice

Snow and also ice likewise impair your capacity to see ahead and increase the braking distance necessary to prevent your vehicle. Drive at slow speeds and leave much more room in between your vehicle and also the vehicle ahead. Keep windows clean of snow, ice and fog, and do not usage cruise control.

Pay attention to weather forecasts and warnings. As soon as police or highway officials speak driving is really hazardous, continue to be off the road. If you must drive on snow and also ice, follow these tips:

Gently push on the gas pedal. Too much power may reason the tires come spin or the automobile to slide.Gently press and also release the brakes. If you slam on the brakes, your auto will most likely skid.Get the “feel” the the road away native traffic once you start driving. Shot your brakes lightly so girlfriend will understand what come expect.Make turns at a reduced, steady speed to prevent a skid.Watch for risk spots ahead. A leg or shaded area freezes very first and might be icy once the remainder of the road is complimentary of ice.When you go uphill on a eye or ice-covered road, use just sufficient power to keep motion without resulting in the wheels to spin.Be conscious that the roadway is likely to it is in the many slippery as soon as the temperature is near the freezing allude rather than below freezing.Skidding

Skids take place when the tires can no much longer grip the road. Driving too rapid for conditions causes skids. If your auto begins to skid:

Stay off the brakes. Until the vehicle slows, her brakes will certainly not it is in effective.Steer in the direction you desire the auto to go. As shortly as the automobile begins come straighten out, rotate the steering wheel back the other way. If you execute not do this, your vehicle may swing around in the other direction and you might start a new skid.Continue to correct her steering, left and right, until the automobile is again moving down the road under her control.Chains and Traction Tires

You might see indicators that need you to carry or usage chains or traction tires.

“Chains” include link chains, cable chains or any other machine that attaches come the wheel, vehicle, or external of the tire, especially designed to rise traction on snow and ice.

“Traction tires” are studded tires, retractable studded tires or other tires that meet the tires industry meaning as suitable for usage in major snow conditions. Tires designated through the tires industry display screen a mountain/snowflake emblem top top the tire sidewall prefer the illustration to the right.

Studded tires room generally permitted in only from November 1 through March 31. Because of the damages caused through studded   tires, chauffeurs are urged to use alternates such together chains or other traction tires.

Information on chain and also traction tire requirements is accessible from the ODOT website at

Dangerous control Behaviors

Driving calls for your complete attention. Over there are numerous distractions that may prevent girlfriend from concentrating on driving. Your mental and also emotional state, and also your physical health, affect the way you drive. Your in its entirety health, fatigue, and even emotions, such as anger or worry, are a couple of of the conditions that have the right to make girlfriend an unsafe driver. If you discover yourself simply going through the activities of driving, without really being aware of what you are doing or what is happening roughly you, that is time to avoid for a remainder or probably quit because that the day.

Distracted Driving

Being alarm is critical part of for sure driving. Pay close fist to her surroundings, be conscious and always on the lookout for other users of the road. Protect against the following distractions:

It is illegal for motorists under 18 years of age to usage a mobile or various other mobile electronic device while operation a vehicle. Revolve it off or placed it in the back seat and also ignore it.Drivers 18 years of period or older need to use a hands-free accessory to usage a cell phone or various other mobile electronic device. The hands-free accessory should only need minimal usage of a finger come activate or deactivate the device. Consider assigning her passenger to it is in in charge of the device.It is illegal to have actually a TV, tablet or other video display clearly shows to the driver.It is illegal to play a radio or other sound system so loud it can be heard 50 feet far from her vehicle. It is important to have the ability to hear horns, screeching tires and also sirens.It is dangerous to do any activity that takes your eyes turn off the roadway while driving such together removing clothing, applying makeup, reading, eating or drinking.Do not hold a person, pet, or package in your lap or arms.Do no take her eyes turn off the road to turn about to attend to the needs of passengers, children or pets.  If friend must give attention to passengers or animals, pull end to the side of the road and also park her vehicle.Road Rage

Angry or aggressive behavior by other drivers is often referred to as “road rage.” These behaviors may incorporate driving in one illegal, unsafeor threatening manner, shouting and also rude gestures. If you watch an aggressive driver, continue to be out the the way. Perform not an obstacle them by boosting your rate or trying to outmaneuver them.

Fatigue and Drowsy control

Constant yawning, head nodding, heavy eyelids, blurred vision and weaving when driving are several of the warning indicators that you may be falling sleep at the wheel. When tired or sleepy, you room slower to react, most likely to make negative decisions, and also less mindful of an altering road and also traffic conditions. Be certain you room alert and well rested before and during travel.

Suggestions the may assist you remain awake:

Never shot to press through to your destination. Discover a safe ar to stop and rest.Talk through your passenger to remain alert.Take transforms driving to allow each driver come rest.Beware of drugs that deserve to make you drowsy.Health and also Hearing

Physical wellness can influence your capacity to drive safely. If you space sick or recovering native an illness, take into consideration if friend really feel up todriving, especially on a lengthy trip. Some medical conditions may reason serious troubles that impact safe driving, such as loss the muscle control, decreased reaction time, confusion, or an unpredictable loss of consciousness. Speak to her doctor around the impact your problem may have on driving.

Hearing plays an essential role once driving. A readjust in the sound comes from her tires cautions you of road surface changes. A difference in the sound of your engine may warn friend of a problem. Sound also can tell girlfriend when another vehicle may be in your blind spot or of an approaching emergency vehicle. Protect against the usage of headphones that may reduce her hearing.

Impaired Driving

Never get behind the wheel after drink alcohol or using other impairing drugs. Leave the driving to someone else.

Alcohol is the most common intoxicant connected when drivers are impaired. Marijuana is an enhancing cause because that impairment. “Intoxicants” include a wide selection of inhalants and drugs, both legal and illegal. You may be arrested for driving under the affect of this drugs and also inhalants, the same as because that alcohol or marijuana.

Both prescription and over-the-counter medications may impair her driving ability. Asking your physician or pharmacist about the next effects and how they could impact your capability to drive safely.’s include Consent law way that by steering a motor vehicle you have actually agreed that you will certainly take a breath, blood, or to pee test once asked through a police officer if you are arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII).

If you room under 21, you will fail the check if you have actually a blood alcohol content analysis of any amount. has actually a zero yongin law.If you are 21 or over, you will certainly fail the test if your blood alcohol content analysis is 0.08 percent or more.

Under’s open up Container regulation it is illegal to drink alcohol or have an open up bottle or other container through alcohol in that while you are in a car on any kind of road. Any open bottles or containers must be in the trunk.


External Passengers

Anyone, regardless of age, must not drive in a pickup bed or on any type of external part of the vehicle. law prohibits everyone under 18 year of period from riding top top the hood, fender, running board, or other external part of a vehicle, consisting of a pickup bed.

You cannot lug a dog on an external component of a vehicle, including a pickup bed, uneven the dog is protected by a framework, carrier, or other maker to store it indigenous falling from the vehicle. Perform not organize an animal in her lap or arms when driving.

car Equipment Failures

Most devices failures deserve to be avoided with an excellent maintenance. One unmaintained vehicle can come to be unsafe come drive. Inspect your vehicle owner’s hand-operated for maintain information.

There may be time when tools fails, causing a steering emergency that calls for you come take quick action.


If a front tires blows, steering will certainly be difficult and there might be a strong pull come the side. A behind blowout causes the ago of the automobile to weave or sway. If you have actually a blowout:

Grip the steering wheel firmly.Slow under gradually.Pull turn off the road.Brakes Fail

If her brakes avoid working:

Pump the brakes. This may build up sufficient pressure to acquire them functioning again.Shift come a lower equipment so the engine can aid slow friend down.Slowly use the parking brake.Use her horn or lamp to warning others the you are out of control.Once you have slowed, lull onto the shoulder.Headlights walk Out

If her headlights prevent working:

Turn the headlight move off and on.Try other lights such as high beams, driving lamp or peril lights.This may provide you enough light to guide you off the road.Slow down and ease ~ above the shoulder.Power Steering Fails

If your power steering stops working:

Grip the steering wheel firmly. Steering will be difficult.Slow down and also ease ~ above the shoulder.

Accelerator Sticks

If your accelerator sticks:

Search because that an to escape path.Shift the car to neutral. Use an open up palm to stop shifting into another gear.Steer smoothly when braking.Pull turn off the road when it is for sure to do so.

Fuel conserving Techniques

Drivers deserve to improve gas usage or save fuel by making use of these techniques:

Drive steadily and avoid exceeding posted speed limits.Avoid rapid starts and also sudden stops.Avoid unnecessary idling.Combine errands into a single trip.Properly preserve your vehicle.

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Sample check Questions

It is illegal to have fog lights on when you are:

required come dim her headlights.using them come see with fog.using your high beam headlights.

A driver has actually three tools to use to stop a crash.

Slow down, check your mirrors, stop.Stop quickly, rotate quickly, speed up.Speed up, honk your horn, readjust lanes.

See more: Convert 20 Cm Equals How Many Inches Conversion Free Calculator’s open Container law:

does not use to anyone over the period of 21.requires any kind of open bottles or containers to be in the trunk.allows just passengers to have actually open containers.

You are driving and receive a message on her cell phone. What execute you do?

Read and also respond come the text.Ignore the text until you stop in a safe parking area.Slow down and read and also respond while keeping one eye top top the road.