Glossaryof Terms

Anterior chamber: The region of the eye between the cornea and also the lens that contains aqueous humor.

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Aqueous humor: The fluid created in the eye.

Bruch"s membrane: located in the retina in between the choroid and also the retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) layer; provides support come the retina and also functions as the "basement" membrane that the RPE layer.

Ciliary body: component of the eye, over the lens, that produces the aqueous humor.

Choroid: class of the eye behind the retina, consists of blood vessels the nourish the retina.

Cones: The photoreceptor nerve cells present in the macula and also concentrated in the fovea (the very center the the macula); permit people to check out fine detail and also color.

Cornea: The outer, transparent framework at the front of the eye the covers the iris, pupil and anterior chamber; that is the eye"s primary light-focusing structure.

Drusen: store of yellowish extra to move waste assets that accumulate within and also beneath the retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) layer.

Fovea: The pit or depression in ~ the center of the macula that provides the biggest visual acuity.

Iris: The fancy ring of tissue behind the cornea that regulates the amount of light entering the eye by adjusting the size of the pupil.

Lens: The transparent structure suspended behind the iris that helps to emphasis light ~ above the retina; the primarily provides a fine-tuning adjustment to the primary concentrating structure of the eye, i m sorry is the cornea.

Macula:The portion of the eye in ~ the facility of the retina that processes sharp, clear straight-ahead vision.

Optic nerve: The bundle of nerve fibers at the back of the eye that bring visual message from the retina come the brain.

Photoreceptors: The irradiate sensing nerve cell (rods and cones) situated in the retina.

Pupil: The adjustable opening in ~ the facility of the iris through which irradiate enters the eye.

Retina: The light perceptible layer of tissue that currently the earlier of the eye.

Retinal Pigmented Epithelium(RPE): Alayer that cells that protects and also nourishes the retina, gets rid of waste products, prevents new blood vessel expansion into the retinal layer and also absorbs irradiate not soaked up by the photoreceptor cells; this actions prevent the scattering the the light and enhance clarity of vision.

Rods: Photoreceptor nerve cells in the eyes that space sensitive to low light levels and also are existing in the retina, yet outside the macula.

Sclera: The difficult outer coat that protects the whole eyeball.

Trabecular meshwork: Spongy tissue located near the cornea through which aqueous humor flows the end of the eye.

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Vitreous: clear jelly-like substance the fills the eye indigenous the lens to the ago of the eye.