The Pen is Mightier 보다 the sword Meaning

Definition: Influencing human being through thoughts and ideas are more effective than violence.

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Origin that the Pen is Mightier 보다 the Sword

This expression very first appeared in the play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy, indigenous the year 1839.

The brother Edward Butler-Lytton to be the author. However, earlier variations the this idea showed up in various other cultures and also languages as early as the saturday century B.C.

Examples that the Pen is Mightier than the Sword

In the first example, two employees are stating a huge problem in ~ work.

Marcus: ns can’t believe Charlie told everyone that us were the ones that messed increase the project!

Patsy: i know. That was dreadful of him. Us should obtain revenge.

Marcus: you’re right! let’s wait for him in the parking lot ~ work and also beat the up!

Patsy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! That’s no what I expected at all. I was simply going come write an email to the boss explaining what really happened. We have actually emails native Charlie proving the he to be the one who made the mistake. It will certainly be easy to prove.

Marcus: Oh, that’s a much better idea. The pen is mightier 보다 the sword. I always forget that.

In the second example, a sister and also brother are pointing out a brand-new volunteering opportunity that the sister is partaking in.

Angela: carry out you desire to volunteer v me this weekend? I just recently started, and also it’s a good program.

Samson: What kind of volunteering is it?

Angela: that an education initiative aimed at at-risk youth. The idea behind it is that the pen is mightier than the sword. The program founders think that education is a far better way to help children 보다 policing them.

More Examples

This excerpt is around two world trying to end a problem through their art quite than by physics fighting.

When it involves the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a team of renowned editorial cartoonists hope the pen is mightier 보다 the sword.

This excerpt is around a superhero who fights because that the cause of education.

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The phrase the pen is mightier than the knife means the physical fighting is not as efficient as an ext intellectual means to fix a conflict.


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