b : adhering to fact or come the ordinary construction or primary meaning of a ax or expression : actual liberty in the literal sense is impossible— B. N. Cardozo

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literality \ ˌli-​tə-​ˈra-​lə-​tē \ noun
literalness \ ˈli-​t(ə-​)rəl-​nəs \ noun

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Synonyms: Adjective

Antonyms: Adjective

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Adjective i was using words in that is literal sense. The literal an interpretation of “know your ropes” is “to recognize a lot around ropes,” when figuratively it means “to understand a lot around how to perform something.” a literal translate in of a book The story the told was usually true, even if that wasn"t the literal truth.
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Recent instances on the Web: Adjective Haiti emerged as the literal and figurative bete noir of early american powers in the 19th century. — Peniel E. Joseph, CNN, 20 Aug. 2021 this nostalgia trips are modern technology of the other classic noir narrative device: the flashback make literal. — Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times, 19 Aug. 2021 The fruit-forwardness—conspicuous consumption made teasingly literal—is absurd, but also darkly apt: This is decor that, lot like the wealthy guests that is intended to delight, go not know when to stop. — Megan Garber, The Atlantic, 16 Aug. 2021 cutting board Tuchel’s team had not won, the course, no in any kind of strict, literal sense, yet championships are built on moral victories, too, and also this one to be resounding. — New York Times, 28 Aug. 2021 The power of that rage to be awesome in the most literal sense. — Los Angeles Times, 17 Aug. 2021 If either parent does not view the child’s needs or hear his words – if the parents space in that sense, rather than in a literal sense, remote or hearing disabled – the son cannot it is in condemned. — Rabbi Avi Weiss, sun-sentinel.com, 16 Aug. 2021 In the most literal sense – cash or card; shopping digital or in-store. — Taryn Bushrod, Essence, 6 Aug. 2021 The fact is that vaccine requirements are divisive in the most literal sense: There"s a roughly half-half split between Americans who support them and those who don"t. — Jill Filipovic, CNN, 4 Aug. 2021

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14th century, in the definition defined at feeling 2


1622, in the definition defined above

History and Etymology for literal

Adjective and also Noun

middle English, from center French, from middle ages Latin litteralis, from Latin, of a letter, native littera letter