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Aslan is the “King of the Wood and also Son that the good Emperor beyond the Sea” (Robinette, 27). He is a lion who is the King that Narnia. Aslan is part of a prophecy that cases he will return to Narnia and also winter will be no more. The White Witch is his enemy due to the fact that she controls winter in Narnia, and doesn’t desire the prophecy come come true. Alsan has tendency to obtain other people to execute his dirty deeds for him, favor in the case of acquiring Peter come fight Fenris Ulf. But Aslan is a an extremely noble and also brave character, at some point sacrificing self for the great of Narnia.

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White Witch

Image ⓒ Pauline Baynes

The White Witch, who tells everyone that she is the Queen the Narnia, is the villain in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. She is a magical gift who offers her strength to save Narnia in a constant state of winter yet denies the creatures that Narnia Christmas. She has actually the power to ‘freeze’ other things and beings. In act this, she has produced a garden the statues in she castle. The White Witch doesn’t want the prophecy come come true since that would mean that she would not it is in the Queen anymore. She does every little thing in her strength to prevent the children and also Aslan from taking over Narnia but is beat in the end.


Lucy is the youngest of all of her siblings. Lucy is an extremely trusting and naive. When she and also her siblings arrive at the house in the country, she is the only one interested in discovering the wardrobe. Lucy is the first child to arrive in Narnia, conference Tumnus the Faun. She trusts him almost immediately, even came to for his security after she knows the he had actually originally planned to take her to The White Witch. Together with being really trusting, Lucy is also very clever. She understands that the Elf the visits them is not The White Witch’s assistant, the Dwarf. Lucy figures out before any of she older siblings the Father Christmas has arrived. Dad Christmas offers Lucy a cordial filled v fire-flower, which is to help heal those who room injured, and also a dagger to defend herself.


Edmund is the youngest young in his family, just older 보다 his sister Lucy. In the prologue, Edmund would certainly rather discover outside than continue to be inside the house in the country. He is the 2nd of the children to enter Narnia, yet is also nervous to leaving from the lamppost if Lucy looks because that Tumnus. Edmund is the very first to satisfy the White Witch and also is put under she curse when she gives him Turkish Delight, his favourite sweet. Because of the curse placed on Edmund, he is set on reaching the White Witch’s castle and also bringing his siblings along with him. Eventually, the Witch’s curse fades and he joins v him siblings, but not before virtually being killed by the White Witch.


Susan is the earliest girl in she family, just younger than her brothers Peter. Susan favors looking v the publications in the library in the prologue that the play. When she first enters Narnia with the wardrobe, she automatically wants come go back on v the wardrobe and earlier home. Once Father Christmas arrives, he provides Susan a quiver of arrows and also a bow, and also a hunting horn. That mentions the the horn is only for when she is in trouble. She joins with her brothers to help fight the White Witch’s army and become the brand-new royalty in Narnia.


Peter is the oldest of the human children. In the prologue, Peter is interested in looking at the swords and suits that armor in the country home the they have actually been sent to. This foreshadows what happens v Peter when he goes come Narnia. As soon as in Narnia, Peter teases Susan around being scared. When Father Christmas arrives, he provides Peter a sword and shield. Peter later on uses these devices to fight and also defeat Fenris Ulf.

Mr. Beaver

Mr. Beaver is one of the creatures the Narnia. He is a grumpy fellow who dislikes the cold weather that Narnia, also though Narnia has been cold his entire lifetime. The is initially hesitant to aid the human children, thinking that they would certainly be scared of him. But he does finish up finding the children and bringing them to safety and security in the residence he shares with his wife, Mrs. Beaver. Mr. Beaver is the one to tell the kids the entire prophecy and also what their part in all of it is.

 Mrs. Beaver

Mrs. Beaver is the mam of Mr. Beaver, but very different from him. She is friendly and optimistic, constantly believing that things will at some point get much better and Christmas will certainly come. She provides the decision to hide the kids from the White Witch and also bring them to Aslan once he arrives. She and her husband eventually join v the children and Aslan come fight the Witch’s army.


Another one of the creatures that Narnia, the is featured in ~ the beginning of the play. That chases after the White Stag, certain that if he manages to record it that it will lug him good fortune. The Unicorn, in addition to the Centaur, is as well scared to technique the children around protecting them since he think he will scare castle away.


The Centaur, an additional creature the Narnia, preaches to the various other creatures that they need to have faith that Aslan will certainly return, also though he has not been viewed for plenty of years. He urges that they all pray because that the king return. Eventually, the Centaur happily bring news that King Aslan’s go back to Narnia.


Image ⓒ Pauline Baynes

Tumnus the Faun is a creature of Narnia that has gotten himself recorded up v the White Witch. The is compelled by Fenris Ulf to was standing guard at the lamppost just incase any type of human kids enter Narnia. Tumnus is not a naturally bad creature, so as soon as Lucy comes right into Narnia, he is unsure whether or no to bring her come the White Witch. Finally, that decides not to, and also lets her gain away back through the wardrobe. Unfortunately, Tumnus is captured by Fenris Ulf and taken far to the Witch’s castle. At the castle, she turns him right into a statue. The is whereby is remains until Aslan ultimately saves him. In ~ the finish of the play, Tumnus retrieves the crowns native Cair Paravel and brings them come the battlefield therefore the kids can be officially crowned together the leaders of Narnia.

 Fenris Ulf

Fenris Ulf is a biology of Narnia who works directly for the White Witch. He is the Captain the the Queen’s mystery Police, a title which he takes an extremely seriously. Fenris is no a pretty creature, acting choose a bully to all of the various other creature that Narnia except the White Witch. He catches Tumnus letting Lucy go, and also captures the to carry him ago to the Queen. He also has Tumnus’s home destroyed for his act of treason. Eventually, Aslan has actually Peter struggle Fenris and Peter wins. Fenris crawls away right into the forest and also tells the Witch that all of the kids are with Aslan before dying.


The Dwarf is the straight assistant come the White Witch and component of her army that fights Aslan.

 Father Christmas

Father Christmas is the one to bring Christmas to the creatures the Narnia, miscellaneous he had been unable to perform for a long time because of the Witch’s powers. Because the return that Aslan, he has actually felt stronger, and also is again able to make his rounds to give everyone a current for Christmas. He fixes Mr. Beaver’s dam, gives a brand-new sewing machine to Mrs. Beaver, and also gives an useful gifts to every of the children.


The Elf is the assistant to father Christmas, help him to deliver his presents to everyone in Narnia. He visits the kids at Mr. And Mrs. Beaver’s house. In ~ first, everyone however Lucy believes that he is the Dwarf that functions for the White Witch and that they have actually been caught.

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 White Stag

The White Stag is an additional creature that Narnia, yet one that never ever speaks. The Stag is said to carry luck come those who record it, which the Unicorn make the efforts to execute in the start of the play. At the end of the play, the Stag leader the children back to the lamppost ~ they have spent years in Narnia.