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over there are number of symbols in Katherine ann Porter"s "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall." 

Symbols of Christianity

A candle, a crucifix, and also a rosary room on a table extended with linen (as is an altar) close to the bed in which Granny lies. The family has these because that Granny...

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There are several symbols in Katherine anne Porter"s "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall." 

Symbols of Christianity

A candle, a crucifix, and a rosary space on a table covered with linen (as is one altar) near the bed in i m sorry Granny lies. The family members has these because that Granny together they await the priest who will come to give Granny the critical rites, the sacrament of too much Unction.These item that represent her faith, however, carry out not comfort Granny as lot as the contact with she loved ones does.

The rosary fell out that hands and also Lydia placed it back. Jimmy tried to help, their hands fumbled together, and also Granny closed two fingers roughly Jimmy"s thumb. Beads wouldn"t do, it should be other alive.

Feeling fatality close at hand, Granny leans over and also blows out the irradiate of the candle.

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The uncut wedding cake

This cake looms in Granny"s memory together she cannot forget just how she was jilted at the altar on she wedding day. 

"A whirl that dark smoke"

As Granny recalls she wedding day, she envisions dark smoke extending a "bright field." The assumed of her old fiancé is this "smoky cloud from hell." 

As she remembers this tragic day, Granny imagines "a whirl of dark smoke" (her fiancé) extending a "bright ar where everything was planted for this reason carefully." (Granny"s to plan for she life)

A blue light

Cornelia"s silk lampshades actors a blue light. In reality, however, the blue light the Granny perceives is the light of she life that is fading. For, near the end of the story as she starts to die, Granny imagines the darkness of death circling the blue light and also swallowing it:

The blue light from Cornelia"s lampshade drew into a tiny point in the facility of she brain.