Psychologists use the scientific an approach to conduct your research. The clinical method is a standardized way of do observations, gathering data, forming theories, testing predictions, and interpreting results.

Researchers make observations in order to describe and measure behavior. Afterobserving details events repeatedly, researchers come up with a theory that explainsthese observations. A theory is an explanation that organizes separatepieces of information in a systematic way. Researchers generally develop a concept onlyafter lock have accumulated a many evidence and made certain their study results canbe reproduced by others.

Example: A psychologist observes that some college sophomores date alot, when others do not. That observes that some sophomores haveblond hair, when others have actually brown hair. He likewise observes the inmost sophomore couples at the very least one person has brown hair. Inaddition, he notices that many of his brown-haired friends dateregularly, however his blond friends don’t date much at all. That explainsthese observations by theorizing the brown-haired sophomores aremore likely to date than those who have actually blond hair. Based on thistheory, he creates a hypothesis that more brown-haired sophomoresthan blond sophomores will certainly make dates with people they meet at aparty. He then conducts an experiment to check his hypothesis. In hisexperiment, he has twenty world go to a party, ten through blond hairand ten through brown hair. He provides observations and gathers data bywatching what wake up at the party and counting just how many people ofeach hair color actually make dates. If, contradictory to his hypothesis,the blond-haired world make an ext dates, he’ll need to think aboutwhy this occurred and also revise his theory and hypothesis. If the datahe collection from further experiments still do not support thehypothesis, he’ll have actually to refuse his theory.

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Making research Scientific

Psychological research, prefer research in various other fields, need to meetcertain criteria in order come be taken into consideration scientific. Study mustbe:

ReplicableFalsifiablePrecise ParsimoniousResearch must Be Replicable

Research is replicable when others have the right to repeat it and getthe same results. When psychologists report what they have found throughtheir research, they also describe in detail how they do theirdiscoveries. This way, other psychologists have the right to repeat the research to check out ifthey have the right to replicate the findings.

After psychologists do their research and also make certain it’sreplicable, they develop a theory and also translate the concept intoa an accurate hypothesis. A hypothesis is a testable predictionof what will certainly happen offered a certain set of conditions. Psychologiststest a hypothesis by using a certain research method, such together naturalistic observation, a case study, a survey, or an experiment. If the test does notconfirm the hypothesis, the psychologist revises or rejects the originaltheory.


A an excellent Theory

A an excellent theory must do 2 things: organize manyobservations in a logical way and enable researchers come comeup v clear suspect to examine the theory.

ResearchMust it is in Falsifiable

A good theory or hypothesis additionally must it is in falsifiable,which means that it must be proclaimed in a method that makes it possible to rejectit. In various other words, we have actually to be able to prove a theory or hypothesiswrong. Theories and also hypotheses should be falsifiable because allresearchers can succumb come the confirmation bias. Researchers who screen confirmation bias look for and also accept evidence thatsupports what they desire to believe and also ignore or refuse evidence thatrefutes your beliefs.

Example: Some civilization theorize that the Loch Ness Monster notonly exists yet has come to be intelligent sufficient to eludedetection by hiding in undiscovered, undetectable,underwater caves. This concept is not falsifiable.Researchers have the right to never discover these undiscovered caves orthe monster the supposedly hides in them, and they haveno method to prove this theory wrong.

Research MustBe Precise

By stating hypotheses precisely, psychologists ensure that they canreplicate their own and also others’ research. To make hypotheses more precise,psychologists use operational interpretations to define the variables theystudy. Operational definitions state precisely how a variablewill be measured.

Example: A psychologist conducts one experiment to find outwhether toddlers are happier in warmth weather or coolweather. She requirements to have an operational definition ofhappiness so the she deserve to measure specifically how happy thetoddlers are. She might operationally specify happiness as“the variety of smiles per hour.”

Research must Be Parsimonious

The principle that parsimony, likewise called Occam’srazor, maintains that researcher should apply the simplestexplanation feasible to any set of observations. Because that instance, psychologiststry to explain results by making use of well-accepted theories instead of elaboratenew hypotheses. Parsimony prevents psychologists native inventing and also pursuingoutlandish theories.


Parsimonious method “being thriftyor stingy.” A human who values parsimony will use thethriftiest or many logically economical explanation because that aset that phenomena.

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Example: mean a college student consistently falls asleep in herstatistics class. She theorizes that prior to each class, herstatistics professor covertly sprays she seat with a nervegas that makes her an extremely drowsy. If she had applied theprinciple of parsimony, she would not have come up through thistheory. She deserve to account for her sleepiness through a muchsimpler and more likely explanation: she find statisticsboring.