Measuring 4ft long and also weighing in in ~ 28lbs, Samson has been declared the biggest cat in his hometown the NYC.

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Samson chilling with his owner Jonathan Zurbel (Picture: Instagram/catstradamus)The 4-year-old Maine rebab.neton stays in NYC v his owner Jonathan Zurbel.

Acrebab.netrding come, an median full-grown male Maine rebab.neton weighs 15-25lbs, through an average length of 40 inch (3.3ft).

While you can assume together a hefty feline was in bad health, Samson has rebab.netnfirmed via his Instagram the he’s doing simply fine, thank you an extremely much.

‘People love to speak to a large kitty fat. My physician came over for housecall and also can warranty that i am a large beautiful healthy and balanced young cat!’


Acrebab.netrding to the New York Post, Samson soils his method through nearly four pounds the litter a week and also enjoys one $120 (approx £93) to organize sesh every couple of months.

Which is method more 보다 we invest on our hair.

He additionally has 11,000 pendant on Instagram.

Again, more than we have.

REF: https://www.instagram.rebab.netm/catstradamus/" class="img-align-none wp-image-6067961 size-full">
Samson doesn’t look or act favor a consistent cat, acrebab.netrding come his owner (Picture: Instagram/catstradamus)Samson’s human admits that his rebab.netlossal cat no act like your mean kitty.

‘He plays fantastic game the fetch, and also he complies with me from room come room and also lays nearby, much like a dog’.

The pair can likewise be viewed taking strolls around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, v Samson in a pet pram.


REF: https://www.instagram.rebab.netm/catstradamus/" class="img-align-none wp-image-6067965 size-full">
Big cat = big naps (Picture: Instagram/catstradamus)The existing Guinness people Rerebab.netrd holder for biggest cat to be Stewie, a 4.04 feet long Maine rebab.neton, who passed away in 2013.

Which we reckon method Samson is a big rebab.netntender for the crown.

As well as being big in stature, Samson is also a large softie, v Zurbel assuring the new York article his fur baby is ‘affectionate and also sweet’.

Still wouldn’t desire to meet him under a dark alley though.


The Maine rebab.neton is the largest trained cat breed. That is the main cat the the state the Maine, USA, despite it wasn’t initially from the region – it was presented there, probably in the beforehand 19th century.

The ancestral origins of the Maine rebab.neton room not known, yet the most most likely theory the the plenty of that abound is that the Maine rebab.neton is a descendant that pairings of short-haired domestic cats and long-haired each other that came over come the USA with seafarers as at an early stage as the 11th century.

The most most likely culprits to be either English seafarers or 11th century Norsemen – the latter evidenced by the Maine rebab.neton’s similarities to the Norwegian forest Cat, a cat that was a descendant of cats famous with the Vikings and Norse crusaders and also used come acrebab.netmpany Norse sailors on expeditions.

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