The state in which one object's distance from another is changing.

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recommendation pointA area or a things supplied for comparikid to recognize if an item is in movement.
distanceThe size of the path between two points.
global mechanism of unitsA system of measurment based on multiples of ten and on establiburned measures of mass, length, and time.
speedThe distance an item travels per unit of time.
average speedThe in its entirety rate of rate at which an item moves: calculated by separating the total distance a things travels by the complete time
instantaneous speedThe speed of a things at one immediate in time.
velocitySpeed in a provided direction.
slopeThe steepness of a graph line; the ration of the vertical readjust (the rise) to the horizontal adjust (the run)
accelerationThe price at which velocity alters.
forceA push or a pull exerted on an object.
newtonA unit of meacertain that equates to the force required to acceleprice 1 kilogram of mass at 1 meter per second per second.
net forceThe in its entirety force on an item once all the individual forces acting on it are included together.
frictionthe force that two surdeals with exert on each various other when they rub against each various other.
sliding frictionFriction that occurs when one solid surchallenge slides over another.
static frictionFriction that acts in between objects that are not moving.
liquid frictionFriction that occurs as an item moves through a liquid.
rolling frictionFriction that occurs once an item rolls over a surchallenge.
gravityThe attrenergetic pressure in between objects; the force that moves objects downhill.
massThe amount of matter in an object.
weightA meacertain of the force of gravity acting on an object.
inertiaThe tendancy of a things to resist a readjust in motion.
momentumThe product of an object's mass and velocity.

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legislation of conservation of momentumThe rule that in the absence of external pressures the full momentum of objects that communicate does not change.
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