A rectocele is a kind of pelvic body organ prolapse. It happens as soon as the supporting ligaments and muscles undermine in the pelvic floor. Other names for a rectocele are a posterior vaginal wall prolapse or proctocele.

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Childbirth, age, and a range of other components have the right to cause the normally challenging, fibrous, sheet-favor divider between the rectum and vagina to threaten.

A bulge may protrude as a hernia right into the ago of the vagina during a time of straining, such as a bowel motion.

A rectocele can lead to constipation and also discomfort, however if it is little, tbelow may be no symptoms.

Most people have the right to treat a rectocele at home, but a serious situation might need surgery.

Share on PinterestA rectocele happens as soon as the pelvic floor weakens. It deserve to cause constipation.
A rectocele is one form of pelvic body organ prolapse. In a woguy, the rectum bulges right into the back wevery one of the vagina.

Other types of prolapse are:

anterior vaginal wall prolapse, or cystocele, wbelow the urinary bladder bulges into the front wall of the vaginauterine prolapse, when the uterus sags dvery own into the vaginavault prolapse, in which the peak (vault) of the vagina bulges down after a hysterectomy

A pelvic prolapse have the right to vary in severity. Some world may suffer different forms of prolapse at the very same time, such as both an anterior and also posterior vaginal wall prolapse.


A tiny rectocele may reason no symptoms.

According to the Amerihave the right to Society of Colon and also Rectal Surgeons, wellness professionals transporting out regime physical examinations find a rectocele is existing in about 40 percent of woguys, although they may not notification it.

In mild cases of rectocele, the individual may alert press within the vagina, or they may feel that their bowels are not entirely empty after using the bathroom.

In modeprice instances, an attempt to evacuate can press the stool right into the rectocele rather than out via the anus.

Tright here might be pain and discomfort throughout evacuation. There is a greater chance of having constipation, and also tright here might be pain throughout sex-related intercourse.

Some say it feels as if “something is falling out” or down within the pelvis.

In serious instances, tbelow may be fecal incontinence, and sometimes the bulge might prolapse through the mouth (opening) of the vagina, or via the anus.


A rectocele usually happens with pregnancy and also childbirth, yet the risk likewise increases via age, and also various other components have the right to play a function.

The underlying cause is a weakening of the pelvic support structures and of the rectovaginal septum, the layer of tworry that sepaprices the vagina from the rectum.

Pregnancy and also childbirth

Share on PinterestPregnancy and also delivery are major factors in the advancement of a rectocele.

It is more most likely to take place as a result of childbirth if the baby was big (weighing over 9 pounds) if labor was prolonged, or if tright here was a multiple birth, for example, twins.

The more vaginal deliveries a woguy has actually had, the even more chance she has actually of occurring a rectocele.

The hazard is reduced with a cesarean distribution, but a rectocele deserve to still happen.

Older age

By the age of 50 years about fifty percent of all women have some symptoms of a pelvic body organ prolapse, and by the age of 80 years, over 1 in eextremely 10 will certainly have had actually surgical procedure for prolapse.

If the rectocele is little, the perkid might not notice it. If it is large, they might notice tconcern protruding via the vaginal opening. Tright here may be some discomfort, push, and, in some situations, pain.

Other factors

Those who have actually never before given birth have the right to likewise develop a rectocele.

The following are hazard factors:

a hysterectomy or various other pelvic surgerychronic constipationsex-related abuse during childhoodbeing obese or overweightregularly lifting heavy objects

Tbelow may be an indirect connect with hemorrhoids. If a perboy with other risk components likewise has chronic constipation, for instance, a forced bowel activity might increase intra-abdominal pressure during straining. This might cause a rectocele.

If a perchild undergoes numerous gyneco-friendly or rectal surgeries, this deserve to additionally weaken the pelvic floor and also result in a rectocele.

In men, a rectocele can build as the outcome of a prostatectomy, which is the removal of the prostate gland also, as a treatment for prostate cancer.

Woguys are more likely than guys to have a rectocele.

A physician will certainly generally make a diagnosis after studying the vagina and rectum. An imaging examine have the right to then identify the dimension of the rectocele.

The individual’s account of exactly how the rectocele results their life may help to assess the degree of prolapse.

If a physician finds something unexplained in the time of a physical examicountry, they might recommend an imaging test, such as MRI or X-ray, to check for possible reasons of the trouble.

A defecogram is a particular form of X-ray research that helps the doctor determine the size of the rectocele and just how well the patient is evacuating.

The following tips have the right to aid prevent a rectocele from emerging, and also — if a rectocele is currently existing — sheight symptoms from getting worse.

Pelvic floor exercises, such as Kegel exercises, have the right to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.Drinking plenty of fluids and also eating high-fiber foods deserve to reduce constipation.Avoiding any kind of heavy lifting have the right to likewise proccasion a worsening of symptoms.Getting therapy for prolonged coughing deserve to reduce strain on the pelvic floor muscles.

Straining for a long time when defecating deserve to make the difficulty worse. Avoiding constipation deserve to assist proccasion this.


The doctor may prescribe:

stool softeners to ease constipationa vaginal pessary — a plastic or rubber round disk placed into the vagina — to support the protruding tissues


Interventions for various kinds of pelvic body organ prolapse include:

sacral colpopexysacrospinous colpopexyuterosacral colpopexytransvaginal mesh

The surgeon have the right to remove the extended or damaged tissue. Sometimes they might usage a mesh inlay to reinpressure the wall in between the vagina and also the rectum.

The strategy have the right to vary from open surgical treatment to a minimally invasive procedure. In some cases, a surgeon will repair the damaged tissue, usually with an incision in the vagina.

The gynecologist will certainly comment on the choices via the patient, and the choice is likely to depend on the level of prolapse, and also the individual’s case, consisting of age, general wellness and also whether or not they want to have more children.

A variety of actions have the right to mitigate the chance of arising a rectocele or making it worse.

After childbirth: Anyone who has actually freshly given birth have to perform the recommended Kegel exercises frequently.

Chronic cough: Anyone through a persistent cough, chest infections, and also various other lung troubles should look for medical attention. Smoking tobacco provides lung problems more most likely and also must be avoided.

Healthy body weight: Maintaining a healthy and balanced body weight have the right to minimize the risk. A healthy and balanced diet and also drinking plenty of water deserve to assist to avoid constipation. In the situation of constipation, people have to stop prolonged straining as soon as trying to empty the bowels.

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Anyone who currently has actually a prolapse need to protect against tasks such as hefty lifting, as they have the right to make it worse.