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Overall Summary

A ripe year old boy called Bruno pipeline his residence in Berlin, Germany. His father has been supported and they have to move away because of it. They are relocating to a tiny town referred to as Out-With. The fury (Adolf Hitler) come over because that dinner at their house and invited the family to come live v him i m sorry is what led castle to moving away native Berlin. It will certainly be difficult for Bruno because he has many friends there however he doesn’t really have actually a choice. He’s going no matter what happens or where he end up living now that his parental made this decision without asking him first.

Bruno’s grandm gets into an discussion with father on Christmas around how she think it’s wrong that Father welcomed the task offer indigenous the fury himself rather of just saying no favor she did as soon as the Fuhrer asked her if she would favor to do at among his parties.

The family members moves come a brand-new home. The the only residence in an area through no other houses about it. They have actually two servants, Lars and also Maria. Bruno is sad because he misses Berlin, his old home, however then the meets Pavel one day while play on a tire swing outside. Pavel tells him the they space living near Auschwitz concentration camp, which has actually thousands of civilization wearing strip pajamas (the clothes Jews were compelled to wear in Nazi Germany).

Bruno is settling into his new home at Out-With. That doesn’t like the soldier who hangs roughly there, and he thinks the the guy’s girlfriend, Gretel, has a to like on him. The soldier beats up Pavel at some point for spilling wine, i beg your pardon upsets everyone. Bruno gets lessons indigenous a background teacher named Herr Liszt about why his household was sent to Out-With in the first place. Gretel becomes really interested in politics and news occasions by tracking them v pushpins top top maps she put on her wall.

Bruno misses exploring, and he finds a way to get around the fence by walking follow me it. That meets Shmuel, who’s likewise on the other side the the fence. Shmuel speak him the he to be taken from his home in Poland come Auschwitz since he is Jewish. Bruno struggles to know what life is choose for Shmuel and also how this can take place in Poland; however, he does as requested and also brings food over the fence because that Shmuel.


Bruno becomes an ext comfortable in ~ Out-With together he build a friendship through Shmuel. One day, lieutenant Kotler brings Shmuel within the residence to clean glasses because that his father’s collection. Bruno offers him part chicken that he to be saving and they’re captured by Kotler. The asks if Bruno is friends with Shmuel and also beats him as soon as he claims yes. Later, it turns out the Kotler has been transferred away from Out-With because of his own family history—he had fled Germany in 1938 at the beginning of people War II.

Eventually, Bruno’s mom convinces his dad to move ago to Berlin whereby they lived before. That agrees but will remain at Out-With because of work and also the Fury. This saddens Bruno, who is walk to miss out on Shmuel. Castle agree the the following day he’ll dress up in strip pajamas and explore Shmuel’s next of the camp through him for this reason they can look for his father together.

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The following day, Bruno dresses up in pajamas Shmuel has brought him and climbs under the fence. Inside he finds people who room sick and thin. Soldiers yell in ~ them, but Bruno is scared so he wants to leave. However, Shmuel asks the to assist find his father first. Castle look for a while there is no finding anything prior to the soldiers round anyone up for a march exterior of camp. The boys comply because they’re afraid that if they don’t go v everyone else then something negative will take place to them. So they finish up in a dark room with each other holding hands together the soldiers shut their doors and also everything goes dark inside it.