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Taylor Earnhardt and also her husband, Brandon Putnam, at their wedding Saturday. (Photo courtesy that Christian Oth Studios).I obtained an amazing email tonight from a brand-new York PR firm that represents Taylor Earnhardt, the youngest that the late Dale Earnhardt Sr"s 4 children. Taylor Nicole Earnhardt -- the just child Dale Sr. Had actually with his third wife Teresa Earnhardt -- acquired married Saturday in the Mooresville area. See above for the photo the PR firm sent out out and below because that the message of the wedding annnouncement. She father, Dale, passed away in a last-lap crash in ~ the Daytona 500 in 2001. Taylor, who has constantly loved horses and also is wonderful rodeo competitor, to be 12 at the time.Taylor Nicole Earnhardt and also Brandon Samuel Putnam to be married on the 26th the May, 2012 at the Earnhardt heritage in Mooresville, north Carolina. Earnhardt, 23, is a professional rodeo competitor and also devotes it s her to sustaining the Dale Earnhardt Foundation, a charitable company that is dedicated to children, education and wildlife preservation. She is also the director of Equestrian development for Dale Earnhardt Incorporated. She is at this time studying in horse business, reproduction and training to use in she future endeavors. She is the daughter the Dale and also Teresa Earnhardt that Mooresville, phibìc Carolina. She father, seven-time NASCAR Champion Dale Earnhardt, was the co-founder of Dale Earnhardt Incorporated. Her mom Teresa is the co-founder and current CEO that Dale Earnhardt integrated based in Mooresville, north Carolina.Putnam, 25, is the owner of Hi tech Incorporated, a grading and trucking agency in Charlotte, north Carolina. He also competes in rodeo professionally and is an avid hunter. He graduated from main Piedmont ar College and received a level in Fire Science. That is the kid of Sam and also Julie Putnam of Charlotte, north Carolina. His father Sam is a retired landscape and also grading agency owner and also CEO, and also his mom Julie is an accountant and also financial manager for several grading and land care companies in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina. The PR firm later on sent out more details around the ceremony, if you"re into that kind of point (i.e. Men, pass this follow me to the females in your family, since it"s not specifically a camer Newton-vs-Alex-Smith feud -- watch previous write-up if girlfriend don"t recognize what I"m talking about). Here"s the 2nd PR release that followed, presented there is no comment:Taylor Nicole Earnhardt, daughter of Teresa Earnhardt and 7-time NASCAR Champion, Dale Earnhardt to be married on Saturday evening to Mr. Brandon Samuel Putnam in Mooresville, phibìc Carolina.The southern elegance inspired wedding to be designed through celebrity event planner David Tutera and took location at the Earnhardt’s exclusive estate. The couple exchanged your vows in a romantic outdoor night ceremony, in a lakeside arbor nestled under the trees v stained glass panels suspended from bordering trees. The bride landed on the awareness in a horse-drawn carriage the was a gift from she father once she to be a tiny girl. Taylor wore a customized lace wedding gown by Rivini and also walked under the aisle to “Bless the damaged Road” through Rascal Flatts, carry out by an eight-piece wire ensemble. After saying their “I Do’s,” the pair rode to your reception in a vintage 1946 cherry red pickup truck that was native Dale Earnhardt"s Classic vehicle Collection.Taylor and also Brandon’s guests to be escorted by horse and carriage come the reception an are on the estate, whereby they commemorated under a rustic open air pavilion that had actually been constructed especially because that the wedding. Guests were treated to hand-rolled cigars, a fine whiskey tasting bar and a bespoke perfume bar, in addition to entertainment by nation artist Jared Ashley.The tradition pavilion whereby the reception was held is now available to the public to rent because that weddings and other distinct events. The unique space has a rustic, southern elegant feel, adorned v specially-commissioned antiqued stained glass home windows by regional artists, vaulted ceilings, custom woodwork and crystal chandeliers. The newly constructed an are opens approximately a back terrace overlooking a lake and is the just open air structure of its type that consists of heated flooring, therefore guests have the right to dance the night away no issue the weather.
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Congrat's to the happy couple. Hope she renders Dad proud!

May 29, 2012 in ~ 11:40 PM

Nicole Davissaid...

"Hope" she provides dad proud??? oh you understand she will!! :) Congrats Tay-bug!!

May 30, 2012 in ~ 12:56 AM


Wow! just how time flies!Good luck and God Bless!

May 30, 2012 at 7:10 AM


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Can not think how long it's been due to the fact that I thought 'omg, bad Taylor shedding her father! My ideal wished to them.