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It"s a good weekend for tall broad receivers in ~ the hall of Fame. Harold Carmichael and Calvin Johnson are acquiring enshrined, and they’re the tallest vast receivers who’ve ever before made it to Canton. Previously, only one large receiver taller than 6-foot-3 has been honored.

Randy Moss (6-foot-4) previously was the tallest hall of Fame broad receiver. Carmichael was 6-foot-8 with the Eagles in the ‘70s, when Megatron was listed at 6-foot-5 through the Lions.

Johnson had seven 1,000-yard seasons with Detroit, when Carmichael had three such periods with Philadelphia (for the an initial half that Carmichael’s career, groups were playing just 14 games, and rules make passing more challenging at the time).

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Only eight other large receivers that were 6-foot-5 have reached 1,000 yards in a season. Carmichael is the only vast receiver taller 보다 6-foot-5 who’s got to 1,000 yards. Five tight ends who were 6-foot-6 or 6-foot-7 likewise reached 1,000 yards: Gronkowski, Graham, Waller, Witten and Gary Barnidge.

2012Calvin JohnsonDET6-51221,96416.15
2011Calvin JohnsonDET6-5961,68117.516
2018Mike EvansTAM6-5861,52417.78
2012Brandon MarshallCHI6-51181,50812.811
2015Brandon MarshallNYJ6-51091,50213.814
2013Calvin JohnsonDET6-5841,49217.812
2012Vincent JacksonTAM6-5721,38419.28
2008Calvin JohnsonDET6-5781,33117.112
2002Plaxico BurressPIT6-5781,32517.07
2007Brandon MarshallDEN6-51021,32513.07
2016Mike EvansTAM6-5961,32113.812
2000Ed McCaffreyDEN6-51011,31713.09
2013Brandon MarshallCHI6-51001,29513.012
2008Brandon MarshallDEN6-51041,26512.26
2004Drew BennettTEN6-5801,24715.611
2013Vincent JacksonTAM6-5781,22415.77
2005Plaxico BurressNYG6-5761,21416.07
2015Calvin JohnsonDET6-5881,21413.89
2011Brandon MarshallMIA6-5811,21415.06
2015Mike EvansTAM6-5741,20616.33
2009Vincent JacksonSDG6-5681,16717.29
2019Mike EvansTAM6-5671,15717.38
1983Cris CollinsworthCIN6-5661,13017.15
1985Cris CollinsworthCIN6-5651,12517.35
2010Calvin JohnsonDET6-5771,12014.612
2009Brandon MarshallDEN6-51011,12011.110
1973Harold CarmichaelPHI6-8671,11616.79
2011Vincent JacksonSDG6-5601,10618.49
2008Vincent JacksonSDG6-5591,09818.67
2014Calvin JohnsonDET6-5711,07715.28
1978Harold CarmichaelPHI6-8551,07219.58
1998Ed McCaffreyDEN6-5641,05316.510
2014Mike EvansTAM6-5681,05115.512
1981Harold CarmichaelPHI6-8611,02816.96
2007Plaxico BurressNYG6-5701,02514.612
1986Cris CollinsworthCIN6-5621,02416.510
1999Ed McCaffreyDEN6-5711,01814.37
2010Brandon MarshallMIA6-5861,01411.83
1981Cris CollinsworthCIN6-5671,00915.18
2001Plaxico BurressPIT6-5661,00815.36
2014Kelvin BenjaminCAR6-5731,00813.89
2020Mike EvansTAM6-5701,00614.413
2014Vincent JacksonTAM6-5701,00214.32
2017Mike EvansTAM6-5711,00114.15

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