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McalistarI assumed it to be over comes alcoholism sleep walk run (stumbling lose of balance) crunch, shiver this disease, down.Rob indigenous Wilmington, NcYeah, Walker, basic to play on guitar too. Ns love the jangly sound the filtertron pickups. This track wouldn"t have sounded the very same played ~ above a Strat or Les Paul.Walker indigenous Clackamas, OrThis is so easy to play on the bass.Stacy from Evansville, InThis song was well-known the summer the 96. Ns was 19 then. Therefore this song always makes me think of the summer wherein i just gained drunk, met cute guys and also had fun. Ah, youth.Ruby indigenous Perth, Australiai sent out the text of this tune 2 break it off through a male who had been using me as soon as i was obtaining over depression. That fits well.Artel indigenous Buffalo, NyEverclear (or e-clear) is actually a drink the is 190 proof. Thats 95% alchohol. It is therefore potent that there room warning labels on the to store it far from open up flames and also it is illigal in many states. If you ever have a bad day, part e-clear will certainly make you feeling a whole lot better.Hamilton from Chicago, IlListen come the lyrrics come "Heroin Girl"Hamilton indigenous Chicago, IlSanta Monica is clearly about Art"s effort to kick heroin. "I don"t want to it is in your under time, ns don"t desire to perform your sleep walk dance anymore"Rob from Chicago, IlIsn"t this song around Art"s effort at suicide by jumping turn off of the Santa Monica pier?see an ext comments
struggle The PowerPublic foe

"Fight The Power" was written for the Spike Lee movie carry out The ideal Thing. It opens up the film and serves as the motif.

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sluggish HandThe pointer Sisters

"Slow Hand" to be a #1 country hit because that Conway Twitty in 1982, a year after The reminder Sisters taped it.

Whatta ManSalt-N-Pepa

Salt"s "mighty an excellent man" in the Salt-N-Pepa "Whatta Man" video clip is played by Tupac Shakur.

difficult Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)Jay-Z

Jay-Z"s "Hard punch Life (Ghetto Anthem)" is based on the track "It"s A hard Knock Life" indigenous the Broadway pat Annie.

Poker FaceLady Gaga

Lady Gaga claims that "Poker Face" is around her personal experience v bisexuality; being through a man yet thinking about a woman.

killing An ArabThe cure

"Killing an Arab" by The cure was inspired by Albert Camus" book The Stranger.

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song in well known Movie Scenes: Tarantino EditionMusic Quiz

Whether he"s dividing ears or burn Nazis, Quentin Tarantino provides memorable music in his films. View if you can match the track to the scene.

john ParrSongwriter Interviews

John tells the "St. Elmo"s Fire (Man In Motion)" story and explains why he disappeared because that so long.

Justin TimberlakeFact or Fiction

Was Justin the an initial to be Punk"d by Ashton Kutcher? go Britney really blame that for she meltdown? did his bandmates think he was gay?

Michael W. SmithSongwriter Interviews

Smith division down few of his prayer tracks and also his mainstream hits, including "I will certainly Be below For You" and "A location In This World."

Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica)Songwriter Interviews

The previous Metallica bassist talks around his first time composing a tune with James Hetfield, and how a hand-me-down iPad has changed his songwriting.

DevoSongwriter Interviews

Devo founders mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale take it us into their people of subversive performance art. They might be right about the De-Evoloution thing.