For today’s featured song, i am going fairly a little off the typical path. I first heard this song watching the movie Step Brothers. Will Ferrell sings this track at the annual Catalina Wine Mixer in ~ the end of the movie. When I first heard it, it simply seemed prefer some funny, wierd, international song. To be honest, I chosen the flow of the melody so i looked a little an ext into the song. You have the right to read the extensive background of the track I have consisted of here, but in a nutshell, I discovered the power and beauty the this song and just dropped in love v it.

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It is a classic song of saying goodbye to someone who has actually been a love of your life. Classic material for any moving song, however the melody line and the soprano and also tenor voices noted by buy it Brightman and Andrea Bocelli, take it this tune to a totality other dimension. It yes, really is a knock out song and it is easy to watch why this song has actually been such a vast hit roughly the world. 

I would offer just about anything to have actually the voice that Andrea Bocelli does, but I don’t, for this reason I will certainly just have to enjoy listening come it instead. I think if girlfriend take the moment to really listen come this song, friend will loss in love with it too. Enjoy!

Offical video of the tune performed by sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli.

Live version of the song performed by buy it Brightman & Andrea Bocelli in 1997.

Live version of the song performed by buy it Brightman & Andrea Bocelli in Tuscany.

America’s got Talent Finale. Jackie Evancho & sarah Brightman song the song in the finale and bring the house down. Impressive performance!

Will Ferrell singing the track in action Brothers. Of food I had to encompass this. That was how I was introduced to the song.

“Con te partirò” (literally an interpretation “With friend I will certainly leave”) is one Italian classical crossover song written by Francesco Sartori (music) and also Lucio Quarantotto (lyrics), for Andrea Bocelli, who very first sang it at the 1995 Sanremo Festival and recorded it on his album that the same year, Bocelli. The solitary was an initial released together an A-side single with “Vivere” in 1995, topping the charts, very first in France, wherein it became one of the finest selling singles of all time, and also then in Belgium, breaking the all-time document sales there.

A 2nd version the the song, sung partly in English, exit in 1996 as “Time come Say Goodbye“, paired Bocelli through English soprano sarah Brightman, and accomplished even greater success, topping charts all throughout Europe, including Germany, whereby it became the biggest-selling solitary in history. That version alone has actually now sold more than 12 million copies worldwide, make it among best-selling singles of every time.

Bocelli additionally recorded a totally Spanish version of the song, title “Por ti volaré“. The song, under all three versions, is considered Bocelli’s signature song.

The song’s original single release by Polydor documents was not commercially successful in Italy, and received little radio airplay there. Elsewhere, however, it to be a enormous hit. In France and Switzerland, the single topped the charts for 6 weeks, earning a triple yellow sales award. In Belgium, it came to be the best hit of all time, safety 12 weeks in ~ No. 1.

In Germany, east West Records, in conjunction v Polydor, marketed a version of “Con te Partirò” retitled “Time to Say Goodbye”, and with part lyrics changed, together the theme song for the final enhance of boxer Henry Maske (then the light-heavyweight champion of the international Boxing Federation), having actually seen vault success as soon as Vangelis‘s “Conquest of Paradise” was also promoted via Maske’s fights. “Time to Say Goodbye” was also turned into a duet through Sarah Brightman, who had actually performed “A inquiry of Honour” for one of Maske’s previous fights. German producer open minded Peterson, that has functioned with Brightman since 1991, opted to give the track an English title rather than the German title “Mit Dir Werde Ich Fortgehen“. Record of the track took place at Peterson’s Nemo Studio, in Hamburg.

The enhance took place on November 23, 1996, pitting Maske versus American Virgil Hill, and also drew a television broadcast audience of end 21 million. Bocelli and also Brightman performed the tune to open the match, and also it was used again throughout Maske’s exit.

By December, the “Time to Say Goodbye” single, exit on east West, had reached number one ~ above the German singles chart, with sales approximated at 40,000–60,000 every day and also projected for at least one million through the finish of the year. Both singers’ albums additionally received a an increase in sales. Airplay on German radio train station such as Norddeutscher Rundfunk to be well got by listeners. By February the the adhering to year, the solitary had damaged the all-time sales record in Germany with 1.65 million sales, and would ultimately get certified 11x yellow for offering over 2,750,000 copies. The is also the best-selling single in Belgium.

“Time to Say Goodbye” got to number 2 on the UK Singles graph upon its release there in may 1997, and was certified gold. It remained in the height 30 for an additional two months, assisted by secure radio airplay top top BBC Radio 2, which was overtaking Radio 1 in popularity through an MOR-oriented playlist.

The duet was consisted of on Brightman’s 1997 album Timeless, re-titled together Time come Say good-bye in the U.S. With the tune itself moved to the begin of the album. Brightman has additionally recorded a solo version, which to be released ~ above the duet single as fine as later on albums including “Classics” and “Diva the singles collection”. A live version was released on “Harem civilization tour, live from ras Vegas” cd and her assorted tour DVDs. Bocelli and also Brightman have performed the duet with each other publicly numerous times consisting of Andrea’s “Statue that Liberty concert” organized in brand-new York City, and also “Live in Tuscany” concerts.

Since that is release, the song has spawned plenty of other versions and been perform by numerous other singers. Notable alternating versions include “Por ti volaré”, a Spanish variation with significantly modified lyrics, and also “I will Go through You (Con dare partirò)“, a dance version performed by Donna Summer. In 2001, trip guitarist Neal Schon released a solo album, Voice, which features an crucial version the the song. Nana Mouskouri recorded a version on the 1997 album, “Hommages”.

A Taiwanese singer A-Mei (Zhang Hui Mei) videotaped the tune in Chinese variation in the year 2000 (album “Ge Sheng Mei Ying”) through Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins videotaped a version of the song and included that on she 2004 album 2nd Nature. Jenkins’ variation was likewise released together a solitary on February 21, 2005. Gregory Lemarchal recorded a variation for his album “La voix d’un ange” which to be posthumously released in 2007 together Lemarchal passed away of cystic fibrosis in April 2007 in ~ the age of 23. New Zealand singer Hayley Westenra included a variation on she 2007 album, impressive Grace — The finest of Hayley Westenra. Sweden singer Sanna Nielsen do an English-Swedish version of the song, which was included in she album Sanna 11-22. Andre Rieu v Mirusia Louwerse additionally recorded a variation of this song on the album You’ll never walk alone.

In 2004, trumpeter chris Botti‘s rendition was released on once I loss in Love.

In 2007 Chilean singer Carolina Soto recorded a Spanish sheathe version referred to as “Por Ti Volaré”. It was a success in Chile, since Carolina to be featured in a famous TV talent show, which was called “Rojo Fama Contra Fama”.

The track was extended by Italian residence DJ Gigi D’agostino in his 2006 compilation album some Experiments.

South african tenor, Fanie de Jager, taped Con car Partirò (Time come Say Goodbye) top top his classical CD, My classic Soul, in 2007.

The pipes and also drums that the imperial Scots Dragoon Guards extended the track for their 2007 album, soul of the Glen.

In 2008 Danish popular music duo The Loft exit their single “Kiss girlfriend Goodbye” based on “Con dare partirò”/”Time to Say Goodbye” and also containing samples from the originals.

The heavy/thrash/rock/pop guitarist Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) consists this track in his ninth studio album “Bad D.N.A” released in Japan august 25, 2010.

Japanese classical-crossover singer Kanon recorded a variation of the song and included that on her 2007 album Precious. French classical-crossover tenor Amaury Vassili likewise did the exact same on his 2010 album Canterò.

Also, in 2010, America’s acquired Talent‘s Jackie Evancho perform the English variation of Con te Partiró (“Time come Say Goodbye) alongside sarah Brightman

In 2011, American progressive/electro residence producer ZHU composed a progressive house song with the melody and samples of “Con car partirò” together a tribute come Bocelli entitled “Con ZHU partirò”.

British singer Joe McElderry tape-recorded “Time come Say Goodbye” because that his 2011 album, Classic. A music video clip was filmed for McElderry’s version to encourage the album. The video clip was filmed in Hackney on respectable 8, 2011, throughout the 2011 England riots. The music video premiered on respectable 22, the album’s release date. The video clip cuts between shots the McElderry in a black & white scene singing while sitting on a chair and also coloured scene of him packing up suitcases, composing a goodbye letter, and also leaving. Despite after that leaves, the suitcase that left opens and also the contents, including the letter, autumn down the stairs.

Donald Braswell II taped this song on his 2011 album, Unchained.

Operatic pop group Il Divo covered the track entitled, Time come Say good-bye (Con car Partiro) as the 10th and final monitor from the group’s 2011 album evil Game.

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Although the song is most connected with sporting events, it has actually featured generally in film and also television and also is a favourite concert item. It is additionally a an extremely popular item for funerals.