This track was created by keyboardist Ken Hensley. The text tell the tale of an outlaw on the run, and also points out the regrets that come with living a self-obsessed life.

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AnonymousI quiet play that tune regularly.Ok. I likewise play all the at an early stage Blk. Sabbath stuffEvery Sunday religiously. ;)Michael Johnson indigenous Cochise ArizonaI very first heard uriah heep thefts on a mix ice in 1980 listening to it at high school fell in love through it never gained to view them in concert yet i did look for out all of their albums lost them every when home burnedRick from Salisbury, NcI went with a friend to the Uriah Heep / rod Stewart concert in Charlotte, NC around "78 ns think that was. Us were several of the very first ones at the coliseum that day and also went down to the stage and also stood at the front row. We were there as soon as Uriah Heep come out and by the moment their concert was over we were around 100 feet ago from the stage and also got be separate from every other. We uncovered each other, finally, and went upstairs to the nosebleed section and also sat ~ above the steps and also watched rod Stewart. The was in reality a downer after ~ the rocking Uriah Heep concert. The wore united state out, and also we had to rest throughout Stewart"s concert! Dave Byron to be tremendous!Jb native Tustin, CaLook increase Jam in the dictionary and also this title will certainly be somewhere in the definition!see an ext comments
StayLisa Loeb

"Stay" by Lisa Loeb was the an initial #1 struggle by one unsigned artist. Ethan Hawke got it in the movie reality Bites.

True ColorsCyndi Lauper

With a blog post of acceptance and inclusivity, "True Colors" became a gay legal rights anthem. Cyndi Lauper help form an organization called True Colors united to aid support LGBTQ youth.

the town hall The DetectivesElvis Costello

Lyrically, Elvis Costello"s "Watching The Detectives" was motivated by American detective shows; musically, the was motivated by The Clash.

ChangesDavid Bowie

The movie The Breakfast Club opens up with a i from David Bowie"s "Changes" ("And these children that you spit on...")

Foolish BeatDebbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson to be 17 years old once "Foolish Beat" topped the hot 100. This offered her the respect of coming to be the youngest artist ever before to write, perform, and produce a #1 single.

QuicksandBritney Spears

Before she was famous, Lady Gaga to be a staff songwriter, and also wrote the tune "Quicksand," i m sorry Britney Spears tape-recorded in 2008.

Jesus In popular music Hits: The Gospel Songs that Went MainstreamSong writing

These overtly spiritual songs crossed over to the pop charts, regardless of resistance from fans, and also in plenty of cases, churches.

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Cy Curnin that The FixxSongwriter Interviews

The man who lugged us "Red Skies" and "Saved by Zero" is currently an necessary farmer in France.

arts Alexakis the EverclearSongwriter Interviews

The command singer that Everclear, art is likewise their major songwriter.

guy ClarkSongwriter Interviews

Vince Gill, Emmylou Harris and also Lyle Lovett are simply a couple of of the artist who have looked come Clark for insightful, intelligent songs.

Tom Keifer the CinderellaSongwriter Interviews

Tom talks about the advancement of Cinderella"s songs through their an initial three albums, and also how that writes together a solo artist.

early on Days of MTVFact or Fiction

If you deserve to recall the days when MTV play videos, you know that there are several stories come tell. Check out if you can spot the actual ones.