Enter HURRIKANE together a code. Note: allowing this code will remove every one of the lightsaber associated Holocrons ~ above the present saved game file.

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PasswordWhat it doesCheat modeAlternately, successfully finish the first mission. After gaining accessibility to the Rogue Shadow, you have the ability enable cheat codes. Once on board your ship in between missions, select "Extras", then the "Enter Code" option. Enter one that the complying with codes to activate the equivalent cheat function. Maximum lightsaber throw ranksEnter ADEGAN together a code. All force powers at maximumEnter KATARN together a code. Maximum force Push ranksEnter EXARKUN as a code. Maximum pressure Repulse ranksEnter DATHOMIR together a code. Enhanced lightsaber damageEnter LIGHTSABER or COUNTDOOKU together a code. Every lightsaber crystalsAll databank entriesEnter OSSUS as a code. All talentsEnter JOCASTA as a code. Every combosEnter MOLDYCROW together a code. Enter BRUTALSTAB together a code. Enter DARAGON as a code. Enter EETHKOTH together a code. Brand-new comboEnter FREEDON as a code. Enter KITFISTO as a code. Enter LUMIYA together a code. New comboEnter MARAJADE together a code. Enter MASSASSI as a code. Enter PLOKOON as a code. Enter RAGNOS as a code. Enter SAZEN together a code. Enter VENTRESS as a code. Enter YADDLE together a code. Bail OrganaEnter VICEROY as a code. Emperor PalpatineEnter MASTERMIND together a code. General Rahm KotaEnter MANDALORE as a code.Elak Swindell basic Rahm Kota (drunken)Enter HARDBOILED as a code. Jedi adventure robeEnter HOLOCRON together a code.utltt cyr eitr Jedi ceremonial robeEnter DANTOOINE as a code. Kashyyk stormtrooperEnter TK421GREEN together a code. Kento"s robeEnter WOOKIEE as a code.Elak Swindell ProxyEnter PROTOTYPE together a code. Scout stormtrooperEnter FERRAL together a code. Zero stormtrooperEnter BLACKHOLE as a code. Sith Stalker armorEnter KORRIBAN together a code. StormtrooperEnter TK421WHITE together a code.

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Stormtrooper commanderEnter TK421BLUE as a code. Mirrored levelsEnter MINDTRICK together a code.
Successfully complete the an initial mission. Push Start come pause game play, then choose the "Input Code" option. Enter one the the following codes come activate the equivalent cheat function. NoteEnabling a password for a various costume may prevent some intermissions order from being viewed.
NoteThe game cannot it is in saved as soon as non-costume codes are enabled. Come bypass this, allow the code on a level that has an auto-save point. After reaching that location, intentionally die. Leave to the main menu then select "Continue". You can now manually conserve the video game with that password still active.
Enter HURRIKANE as a code. NoteEnabling this code will certainly remove every one of the lightsaber related Holocrons ~ above the present saved game file.
New comboLightsaber Impale
New comboSith Saber Slash
New comboAerial Assault
New comboSaber Sling
New comboSith Saber Flurry
New comboLightning Bomb
New comboSaber Slam
New comboLightning Grenade
New comboSith Saber Throw
New comboAerial Ambush
New comboAerial Blast