Surpassing plenty of of its immediate predecessors and also even successors, Star Wars: The force Unleashed is celebrated amongst the top-notched title of 2008. Spawning you as Darth Vader’s apprentice, the Star Wars series takes a dark rotate as the bloodthirsty player proceeds v the job of searching Jedi.

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Is it precious buying?

Aside from the herculean powers of cram away enemies or electrifying them into exploding grenades, the immersive storyline, together with its appearance, masks the lacking gameplay and also makes the a finish overhaul.

Cheating, a an option or mistake?

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Aside native those amazing cheat codes, games from unknown internet sources can be packed v ransomware. Yet the an excellent news is that this title functions in-game cheat codes officially come balance the galactic strength in your favor. Congrats, you’re the supreme!!!

You can’t walk wild throughout!!!

To halt players from destroying the in its entirety competition, developers stop game-saving if you’re ~ above cheats. Fair and square, isn’t it?

In a rush to cheat, organize yourself ago until Rogue Shadow!!!

Before plunging right into cheat codes, your unveiling needs going with the whole an initial mission and unlocking Rogue Shadow. Not just limited to your ship, in-game missions likewise permit cheat codes with the punish of conserve option.

Star wars the pressure unleashed cheat codes Xbox 360

Costume cheats, no save penalty!!!

Frustrated v the stage-progression unlock mechanism for cheat codes and also want to get your hands on them right away, form those codes best now!!!

Claiming a costume via cheat doesn’t activate the save-disable border of the game, so it’s time you hit that save button in case you want to keep the robes forever.

MANDALORE – master Kota CostumeHARDBOILED – remote Kota CostumePROTOTYPE – Proxy CostumeFERAL – enlightenment Trooper CostumeTK421GREEN – Kashyyyk Trooper CostumeTK421WHITE – Storm Trooper CostumeTK421BLUE – Storm Trooper CommanderVICEROY – Bail Organa CostumeWOOKIEE – master Kento CostumeHOLOCRON – Jedi adventurer CostumeDANTOOINE – Ceremonial Jedi CostumeKORRIBAN – Sith Stalker Costume
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Non-Costume Cheats, game-save restriction!!!

Accused of defying in-game laws, this cheats border the game save option. Here’s the list

MARAJADE – Unlocks pressure CombosLIGHTSABER – Extra damages effect constantly onKATARN – All force Powers in ~ maximum potencyDATHOMIR – force Repel at maximum potencyEXARKUN – force Push at maximum potencyadegan – force Saber litter at preferably potencyMOLDYCROW – All force combos availableJOCASTA – All pressure talents maximizedVENTRESS – Aerial Ambush relocate availableEETHKOTH – Aerial attack move availableYADDLE – Aerial Blast relocate availableMASSASSI – Lightning Bomb relocate availableRAGNOS – Lightning Grenade move availablePLOKOON – Saber Slam move availableKITFISTO – Saber Sling relocate availableLUMIYA – Sith Saber Flurry relocate availableDARAGON – Sith Slash relocate availableSAZEN – Sith Throw move availableFREEDON – Aerial combo relocate availableBRUTALSTAB – Lightsaber stab relocate availableOSSUS – every databank entries unlockedMIND TRICK – levels in a mirrored layoutHURRIKANE – all lightsaber crystals unlocked

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Want to proceed with cheats enabled?

Agitated to bypass the save-game penalty, you’re in ~ the best place!!!

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Just die beside every save point for levels v automatic save points and also proceed to the key menu. Hit continue option and return to savepoint through cheats activated.

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The coolest unlockable out there

1. Death, psychic or innocuous!!!

Hoarded many force points during a details stage however terrified of losing all at one glance the blood?

The minute you arrive at a for sure point, take it a deep breath together every time friend perish, she going come respawn again v no points lost. Beware the quitting the game as it resets all points.

2. Sith lord Difficulty

Thought the Sith Master an obstacle was basic peasy; finish the video game once (by any kind of ending) to unlock Sith Lord difficulty and examine your real worth together a gamer!!!