Music provides a colorful meaning to one artist’s words. And also in this article, us take the literally!

You may have heard about people who deserve to incorporate colors to sound or evil versa. Well, that is actually a true phenomenon evidenced by science. There is a neurological trait called synaesthesia.

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It results in the combination of senses the aren’t normally connected. This is why people with synaesthesia have the right to “hear colors” and also “see sounds.” countless songwriters, singers, and other musicians have this trait the benefits castle in your music-making career. Several of them reflect their preferred sound and also emotion by composing the color it represents in their song’s lyrics and also even in the titles.


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1) 1. “Red” through Taylor Swift
2) 2. “Yellow” by Coldplay
3) 3. “Black Magic” by little Mix
4) 4. “White Horse” by Taylor Swift
5) 5. “Purple Rain” through Prince
6) 6. “Green Light” by lord
7) 7. “Evergreen” by will certainly Young
8) 8. “Blackbird” through The Beatles
9) 9. “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles
10) 10. “Lady In Red” by chris de Burgh
11) 11. “Ebony and also Ivory” through Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
12) 12. “Bluer 보다 Blue” through Michael Johnson
13) 13. “Black or White” by Michael Jackson
14) 14. “Black and also Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa
15) 15. “Black Widow” through Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora
16) 16. “Old Yellow Bricks” by Arctic primates
17) 17. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton man
18) 18. “Baby Blue Eyes” by A Rocket to The Moon
19) 19. “Green environment-friendly Grass that Home” by Tom Jones
20) 20. “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65

Here are 20 the the best songs v colors in the title:

1. “Red” by Taylor Swift

Country-Pop star Taylor Swift is best known for her songwriting prowess. Most of the stems from she romantic relationships and also heartbreak experiences.

In one interview, Taylor explained red as a color of extreme emotions, such as love, frustration, jealousy, or confusion. Having experienced those emotions indigenous an unhealthy romance. Taylor make it as a location of not just her solitary but her entire album. Her track “Red” is the title monitor of her fourth studio album the the same name.

However, red was not the only shade mentioned in the totality song, and also here space some text to prove that:

“Like the colors in autumn, therefore bright, just prior to they lose it all.”“Losing him was blue prefer I’d never known.”“Missing him to be dark gray, all alone.”“But love him was red love him to be red.”

2. “Yellow” by Coldplay

The shade yellow might have an unfavorable meanings: yellow cards in soccer, yellow fever, or yellow journalism. Yet for Coldplay, yellow is simply right because that their tune that talks around being devoted to a details someone.

According to Coldplay’s lead singer, kris Martin, their tune “Yellow” is no necessarily because that a romantic type of love. That could additionally be about a person whom you look up to or who you really care for.

The music video clip shows the lead singer walking follow me a beach in England in a constant shot. The adhering to are some of the best lines the the song:

“Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you.”“And whatever you do, yes they were every yellow.”“Your skin, five yeah, her skin and also bones.”“Do you know you know I love friend so?”

3. “Black Magic” by tiny Mix

This track by tiny Mix is about encouraging and also empowering women to be confident in getting the guy they like. The “potion” mentioned in the song could be taken together a metaphor for confidence.

This is supported by their music video wherein 4 teenage nerds are transformed into powerful girls that then take it revenge on a institution bully. Here are part lines indigenous the song’s chorus:

“Take a sip of my secret potion.”“I’ll make you loss in love.”“Boy, you belong come me. I acquired the recipe.”“And it’s referred to as black magic.”

4. “White Horse” through Taylor Swift

Another Taylor Swift fight that has actually a shade in its location is none other than ‘White Horse” from she 2008 album Fearless.

Taylor wrote this tune as a winter of she fascination v the differences in between reality and also fairy tales.

The track talks around the fairy tale moments of being in love and also later realizing that it’s not constantly the case. This song offered Taylor she sixth top 20 debuts the 2008 as soon as it ranked 13th top top the Billboard hot 100. It was also featured in the season premiere the ABC’s collection Grey’s Anatomy. As a pan of the said medical TV series, Taylor was an extremely excited and happy as soon as she got the news.

5. “Purple Rain” through Prince

The “Purple Rain” was written for the film with the exact same name, and it to be the centerpiece and also primary plot point of the movie. This standard love track was exclusively composed by Prince, the singer himself.

“Purple Rain” came to be popular and was often performed by Prince together the showstopper in his concerts. The song also won one Oscar for ideal Original song Score.

6. “Green Light” by Lorde

“Green Light” is Lorde’s first single native his Melodrama album. Musically, the belongs to the alternative, electropop genre. The artist released the song when she to be just 20 years old after ~ she knowledgeable her first real heartbreak.

The “green light” is a an allegory to symbolize how she waited to get back to she feet and have a head begin again.

7. “Evergreen” by will Young

One word for this song? Nostalgia.

Now, you can have heard this track sung by one more artist. And yes, you aren’t mistaken. “Evergreen” was originally recorded through the ireland boy band Westlife. Will certainly Young had actually his very own version released as a double A-side solitary along through “Anything is Possible.”

This was after to win the first series of popular music Idol in the joined Kingdom. Evergreen love method that love is constantly as brand-new as once it started.

Here are few of the song’s text to assist you recall this nostalgic song:

“Don’t tell me but. The feels prefer love.”“I’m gonna take it this moment and make it last forever.”“‘Cause you one great reason, she the only girl i need.”“I’m gonna take this life and make that evergreen.”

8. “Blackbird” through The Beatles

The classic song “Blackbird” actually has actually a deep, politics meaning. It talks about the civil civil liberties struggle of afri Americans that had happened in the 1960s.

In the English language, the ax “bird” can be used to refer to a girl. The song might be taken as a message to a black girl, informing her to fly and have she freedom. Besides its inspirational post “Blackbird* was additionally loved through listeners since of the beautiful harmonic tune.

Lyrics of the track include:

“Blackbird to sing in the dead the the night.”“Take these broken wings and learn to fly.”“Take this sunken eyes and also learn to see.”“You were only waiting because that this minute to it is in free.”

9. “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles

There were numerous different interpretations the The Beaties’ “Yellow Submarine.” They encompass those that believed it was about war, drugs, or the career of the band.

The song was even often sung at protests and rallies to denote unity. However, Paul McCartney said that he composed this together a fun song that kids can enjoy. Paul purposely used short, simple words in the lyrics so that youngsters could readily learn the song.

There was also an animated musical film influenced by this tune that featured the caricatures the the band members as key characters.

10. “Lady In Red” by kris de Burgh

Chris claimed that he created ‘Lady in Red” after seeing his wife. Diane, wearing red amidst the crowd of civilization in a club. That reminded that of just how they first met. The explained, however, the the track is not specifically about his wife but around how world should evaluate the most important world in their lives.

“Lady in Red” came to be a huge hit worldwide, topping the charts in 25 different countries.

11. “Ebony and Ivory” by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

Paul McCartney as soon as again supplied music come voice the end a wonderful message. This time, it was a duet between him and also none various other than Stevie Wonder.

The song offered the tricks of a piano as a metaphor. The black keys are ebony, while the white ones space ivory. These secrets symbolize racial harmony, speak that world of all varieties can live together and go ‘side through side” prefer the piano keys that produce harmony.

He stated that civilization can beat the piano using just the white keys or the black ones. But to produce good music, you have to incorporate the 2 of them.

Here space some lyrics from the song that talks about this great analogy:

“Ebony and ivory live together in harmony”“Side by side on my piano key-board oh lord why don’t we?”“We find out to live when we learn to give.”“Each other what we have to survive, with each other alive.”

12. “Bluer than Blue” by Michael Johnson

“Bluer 보다 Blue” is a 1978 popular music ballad breakup song. Blue right here is understood as a color of sadness, a emotion you would many probably have actually after acquiring left behind. The verses of the song describe the bright sides after the singer’s lover left.

But best at the chorus, he’s earlier to gift “bluer 보다 blue” or “sadder 보다 sad.” It way that despite the points that could totally free the singer up once his lover left, none of them will lug him lot solace.

Here space some lyrics that tell how blue this tune is:

“After friend go, I’ll have actually a lot more time because that sleeping.”“And when you’re gone, looks like things space gonna it is in a lot of easier.”“But i’m bluer than blue, sadder 보다 sad.”“You’re the just light this empty room has ever had”

13. “Black or White” by Michael Jackson

The King of pop Michael Jackson composed this track with producer bill Bottrell, intended to awaken racial equality consciousness.

Jackson’s document label described it as a absent ‘n roll dance song about racial harmony. The text expressed Jackson’s opinion about racism and also how it affected him and also the people roughly him. “Black or White” was among the greatest hits the the 1990s.

This tune earned Jackson his 12th #1 hit as a solo artist. The lyrics of the song include:

“They publish my post in the Saturday Sun.”“I had actually to phone call them i ain’t second to none.”“And ns told about equality, and it’s true.”“It don’t matter if you’re black color or white.”

14. “Black and also Yellow” through Wiz Khalifa

This song by American rapper Wiz Khalifa topped the warm 100 after an 18-week climb. In one interview through the Journal, Khalifa said that he created the tune with Pittsburgh pride, the city whereby he came from.

The repeat of “black and also yellow” lyrics and also the upbeat and also hip-hop-y rhythm got the audience into the song. It especially appeals to those who love the pop-rap genre

15. “Black Widow” through Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora

A black widow is a venomous spider well-known for luring masculine spiders, mating through them, and also then killing them best after. This creature has actually been musically provided as a metaphor for a manipulative woman. And Azalea’s “Black Widow” is just one the the songs that use such symbolism.

Azalea stated that the track depicts the plot of loving and obsessing through somebody and also then hating them. “They love it and then they crush it,” she said once asked about her song’s meaning.

The monitor was in reality co-written by Katy Perry, explaining why the song has a tiny bit that a “Dark Horse” vibe. Originally, Katy was going to song for the track however the artist’s schedule was an extremely hectic at that time. This no necessarily a let-down due to the fact that Rita Ora, who effectively sung the hook, was a good fit because that it.

16. “Old Yellow Bricks” by Arctic Monkeys

When talking around song titles v colors in them, “Old Yellow Bricks” is an additional rock track that has to be top top the list.

From the really start come the end of the song, you’d discover yourself tapping her feet or nodding your head from its optimistic tune. The collaborative performance of the guitar and drums at the middle of the song is just one of its highlights.

The text “Dorothy was appropriate though” at the end of the song wore based on the film Wizard the Oz. In the movie, Dorothy complied with a yellow-brick road, which is comparable to the track’s title.

17. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John

Another song with the wizard of Oz recommendation is Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.“ This was his location track because that his seventh studio album the the exact same name. Elton’s songwriter partner, Bernie Taupin, wrote the lyrics of the song.

This ballad talks around trading a life the luxury and riches for a basic life in a landscape area. It’s claimed to reflect an ext about Taupin’s life than Elton’s as the previous often wanted to store a low-key life.

These text prove that the whole idea:

“When are you comes down?”“I should have stayed on the farm.”“So goodbye yellow brick road, wherein the dogs of culture howl.”“You can’t plant me in her penthouse. I’m going back to my plow”

18. “Baby Blue Eyes” by A Rocket come The Moon

This is a romantic love track that talks around a male loyalty and care because that his lover i beg your pardon in this case, is described as someone with baby blue eyes.

It is a track from A Rocket to The Moon’s album referred to as The rainy Day Sessions. The song’s melody might really fit right into your playlist throughout rainy days, specifically when you’re in love.

Here space some heart-fluttering text from this 2009 hit:

“She’s a doll a catch a winner.”“I’m in love and no beginner.”“Baby infant blue eyes, remain with me through my side ‘til the morning through the night”“And I may feel choose a fool, but I’m the only one. Dancin’ v you.”

19. “Green green Grass the Home” through Tom Jones

The list will certainly not be complete without this classic version indigenous Mr. Tom Jones himself. Tom Jones chose to document his very own version ~ hearing a previous one through the legend rocker Jerry Lee Lewis.

This nation song was initially sung by singer Johnny Darrell and was composed by Curly Putnam in 1964. It was influenced by a crime step in the film The Asphalt Jungle. The guy in the song is a prisoner who waits to it is in hanged and also reminisces his precious past while in the jail cell.

“Green environment-friendly Grass that Home” was Tom Jones’s biggest hit in the joined Kingdom. Numerous other popular artists have actually covered this song including Elvis Presley and Kenny Rogers.

20. “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” through Eiffel 65

Last yet not least on our list is Eiffel 65’s electronic dance-pop “Blue.” countless would most likely not acknowledge this track with that title because the “da ba dee” expression is an ext well-known. That is why the phrase is often contained in the title.

Many others have mistaken the chorus text to it is in “I’m blue and I’m in require of a guy.” but it’s actually ’I’m blue da ba dee da ba di.”

The remainder of the tune talks about a guy that stays in a blue world. “Everything that sees is just blue,” a heat says. It depicts the literal and figurative meaning of the color blue.

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It is incredible just how music deserve to represent and also relay emotions native the singer to the audience. When included with colors, song can produce a visual photo that winter the musician’s feeling behind it.

Those pointed out songs are simply some of the ideal ones ever recorded in history. But they already prove that music undoubtedly is colorful

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