birthcontrolv18 stated 7 years ago:

Actually, if you hear to the variation by Christina Aguilera, it sound much much more like the variation that to be sampled in the song. Etta initially performed it, however those space not Etta's vocals in the track, those room Christina's. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWFRNaiCSQM

P0rkFri3dRice claimed 9 years ago:

I know a lot of world hate top top Flo Rida, and I because that one, was when a hater of horrible rappers ruining great classics. However I've since readjusted stance being the Flo Rida is not as awful as 98% that the guys out there. In fact, I favor what that does (to each your own.) He aims to get a dance track out that plays at clubs to get people moving, and he succeeds, wonderfully. Once DJ KOOL HERC an initial incorporated the turntables into hip-hop, he had actually the exact same goal. There's one component of a song that human being just move an ext to. Why not replay the one component over and also over again to feed your enthusiasm? It's not different, and also I don't dislike it. I embrace it. And also maybe the higher message the all, look at how countless youngsters have actually been introduced/reintroduced to Etta James? Hip-hop recycles these old songs and also keeps them lively for future generations. That's what this website is all about, learning the root of influence. So I will certainly be the black color sheep and say good SAMPLE.....

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switch said 9 years ago:

So we have just seen that the sample is credited to Etta James in the sleeve notes. It's a dead to speak good-bye to the chain that reflects the trip of this sample via Avicii's track yet we will always show what is credited...

da5thsith claimed 9 year ago:

Etta James - Something's got a hold on Me is the real sampled track somebody don't understand there true music background that's a Blues track he sampled from no some techno bull-ish.com chaos ok

Buzz-Duh claimed 9 year ago:

Flo Rida has actually a remarkable talent because that taking good music and also then taking a steamy dump almost everywhere it. One 78 for this bulls***.

button said 9 year ago:

The Etta James sample is presented in the 'Related Songs' section. Us feel the in this case, it is equally necessary to keep in mind the connection with Avicii's track (The sample chain best describes the course of influence as the is). This way, both songs are displayed!

spiketop2oo5 claimed 9 year ago:

Both samples need to be up there when you go to Flo Rida's sampled songs, yet they have to be sampled for different reasons. Etta James deserves way more credit and her song need to be the one displayed when you find for this sample.

button said 9 years ago:

It is impossible to overlook the part that 'Levels' theatre in this track. Avicii is credited as a co-writer in Flo's version and the vocal edit are very similar, no to point out the song themselves. Although the vocals originally do come native the Etta James track us feel it is best to present this connection via the sample chain.

stationary. Room you certain that version isnt a demo or a mix someone did. Since ive never heard that version .

stationary unit claimed 9 year ago:

I think there may be part mix-up here.The variation of "Good Feeling" being offered in the video embed right here right now (based on timings, this version is the single version, and is also used in the music video) in reality samples the original Etta James track, and not "Levels". In this variation of "Good Feeling", the vocal sample goes "I obtain a feeling that i never, never, never, never had before...", together if it to be taken indigenous "Something's got a host on Me". "Levels" cut out the very first "I", do the sample go "Get a emotion that i never, never, never, never had actually before..."There is a variation that heavily samples Avicii (this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EndD-3iw8Ss), which is likewise the variation I hear being played top top my local radio station. In this version, both the instrumental and also vocals indigenous "Levels" room sampled. The vocal sample goes "Get a emotion that..." in this version of "Good Feeling" rather of "I gain a feeling that...". Therefore in this case, Avicii is sampled rather of Etta James.In short, the original single version samples Etta James and the various other version samples Avicii.

Debco7 claimed 9 year ago:

Even despite the vocal editingon these two tracks sound similiar, The Vocal sample top top "Good Feeling" is actually taken indigenous Etta James' "Something's acquired a host On Me"., because if you click on the sample chain ("Levels sample that Something's obtained a organize on Me") and liste to those two tracks at the moment announced, you will hear that Avicii didn't Re-sing the lyrics initially sung by Etta James. However, Flo Rida uses a Replayed drum sample indigenous "Levels"(appears at 1:22) top top "Good feeling (appears in ~ 38 seconds).

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ThomasWhatever stated 9 years ago:

When I very first heard the Flo Rider song on mainstream radio i was really happy at an initial and thought they would play Avicii's "Levels"....until the "rap part" come in. Then i was very, very pissed.

realtremil stated 9 years ago:

Please solve levels vid (most vids that this tune is blocked but this one works) heres a connect to a currently working one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw4oRym4HSM&feature=related