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I have actually an 38 s&w one-of-a-kind ctg and i was hoping some one might tell me the year it was made and also maybe the worth the serial number on the is 419### thats on both the buttom od handel and cylinder. Yet then i find a B 419#### ....any ideas
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Looks prefer a 38 military &police version of 1905 fourth change. The B through the serial # under the barrel method it was sent from the factory as a blue gun. Share look really worn. If you eliminate them carefully see if the serial # is top top the ago side of the appropriate panel. More than likely made in the 1920"s
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Welcome to the forum!Concur it"s one M&P 1905 fourth Change. The S&W Standard magazine puts the serials 241704-700000 between 1915 and also 1942. Not a most help. Castle weren"t made in ~ an also x-number per year, for this reason extrapolating her serial in that variety isn"t walk to be exact. If the manufacturing was fairly linear climate I"d assumption: v 1928-ish. Over there are other members with better databases than I, so ns hope they have the right to chime in with more accurate data.Is over there a V stamped on the butt of the gun? Would risk a guess in the $250-300 range as to value. There"s a most them the end there, countless in great shape. Numerous beat come heck, too! eventually that model line advanced into the model 10, which was the police sidearm in the US and also around the world for several decades. Millions of fourth changes were eventually made, and an in similar way with the design 10.BTW "ctg" simply means "cartridge", and also it should still shoot typical .38 distinct loads, such as 158-grain lead-round-nose bullets, simply fine. I"d stay away native +P rounds. That looks to it is in in great shape for it"s years, and the grips do display a many wear. Looks favor they provided to it is in checkered? more photos with far better lighting would assist us give you a closer value.So pull up a stump, set a spell, tell us more how you came to be in possession of that fine old example of S&W artistry!

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