In trigonometry, there space three major or major ratios, Sine, Cosine and Tangent, i beg your pardon are provided to find the angles and also length that the right-angled triangle. Prior to discussing Sin 60 degrees, allow us know the importance of Sine function in trigonometry. Sine role defines a relation in between the angle(formed between the hypotenuse and nearby side) and the opposite side to the angle and also hypotenuse. Or you have the right to say, the Sine of angle theta is same to the proportion of perpendicular and hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle.

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The trigonometry ratios sin, cos and also tan because that an angle room the primary functions. The value of sin 60 degrees and also other trigonometry ratios for every the levels 0°, 30°, 45°, 90°,180° are typically used in trigonometry equations. These values are straightforward to memorize v the assist trigonometry table. Let us discuss the value of sine 60 degrees here in this article.

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Value that Sin 60 Degree

In a right-angled triangle, the sine of edge α is a ratio of the length of the contrary side(perpendicular) to the size of the hypotenuse side.


Sin α= the contrary Side/Hypotenuse

=Perpendicular Side/Hypotenuse Side

= a/h

So, the proportion sin 60 degrees duty will be, sin 60 = Perpendicular/Hypotenuse

There is a simple an approach by means of which we can calculate the value of sine ratios for every the degrees. If you discover this method, you can easily calculate the worths for all various other trigonometry ratios. So, let’s begin with calculating the values for sin 0°, sin 30°, sin 45°, sin 60°, sin 90°.

Sin 0° = (sqrt0/4) = 0

Sin 30° = (sqrt1/4) = ½

Sin 45° = (sqrt2/4) = 1/√2

Sin 60° = (sqrt3/4) = √3/2

Sin 90° = (sqrt4/4) = 1

From the over equations, we obtain sin 60 levels exact worth as √3/2. In the exact same way, we can find the values for cos and also tan ratios.

Therefore, the specific value of sin 60 degrees is √3/2

Cos 0° = Sin 90° = 1

Cos 30°= Sin 60° = √3/2

Cos 45° = Sin 45° = 1/√2

Cos 60° = Sin 30° =1/2

Cos 90° = Sin 0° = 0


Tan 0° = Sin 0°/Cos 0° = 0

Tan 30° = Sin 30°/Cos 30° =1/√3

Tan 45° = Sin 45°/Cos 45° = 1

Tan 60° = Sin 60°/Cos 60° = √3

Tan 90° = Sin 90°/Cos 90°= ∞

The over values of trigonometry ratios are with respect to degrees. We can likewise mention the values with respect to radians. Radians is considered for unit circle, whose radius is equal to one. The radian is denoted by π.

For 0°, the value of radian is 0. In the very same way, us can develop a table because that trigonometry ratios v respect come π.



We learned about sin 60 degrees value together with other level values here, this far. Also, obtained the worth for cos degree and also tan degrees with respect sin levels and also in terms of radians. In the same way, us can find the values for other trigonometric ratios prefer sec, cosec and also cot.

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