The exactly answer to this inquiry is letter "C) occupy different niches within the tree." Several varieties of warblers can live in the exact same spruce tree ONLY since they occupy various niches within the tree. Hope this answer helps the end your question. 

The correct answers are- 1) occupy various niches in ~ the tree.

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2) herbivory.

3) predators.


1) Several varieties of warblers can live in the exact same spruce tree because they occupy various niches ( niche is the function of a species, which is associated to assorted resources, conditions, and interactions it requires).

If they will occupy the very same niche in ~ tree, castle will complete for same resources as there will certainly be limited resources to fulfill the demands for both. Thus occupying various niches within the tree stays clear of competition and also scaricity that food resources amongst them.

2) Herbivory deserve to be defined as the action of eating plant assets or plant material ( such as foliage) as the key diet component.

Thus, an interaction in which an pet feeds on tree is referred to as herbivory. The pet is referred to as herbivore. ( example- rabbit is a herbivore).

3) Predator- prey connection is a biological interaction in between two species in which predator records prey together a resource of food and consumes it. Therefore, predator is benefits while food is harmed (as gets eliminated by the predator).

Thus, wolves space ( the hunts, kills, and feeds top top a moose) predators.

1.Several species of warblers have the right to live in the very same spruce tree only since they occupy different niche within the tree.

2.An communication in i beg your pardon an pet feeds on plants is referred to as herbivory.

3.A wolf load hunts, kills, and also feeds top top a moose. In this interaction, the wolves room predators.

Further Explanation:

1.The place of residence of a particular species is well-known as the habitat. It is the resolve of a species. However, the niche (profession) identify the function as well together the place of the species and the way in which that interacts through the surroundings. The niche that two varieties can never ever be same. Thus, as defined in the provided case, several varieties of warblers live in the very same habitat (spruce tree) together the niche occupied by one differs from that of another.

2.On the communication of essential food, indigenous which the animals acquire the nutrients essential for their growth and also development, they are categorized as herbivores, carnivores, and also decomposers. The animals that obtain organic molecule from tree are referred to as herbivores. Thus, the interaction, inside the animals feed top top the tree is dubbed herbivory. Carnivory is the interaction, in which the animals consume other animals. Parasitism is the interaction, in i m sorry one pet (parasite) resides in or on another organism and also causes injury to it. In symbiosis, both the interacting types gains benefit from the interaction.

3.The organism the feeds on another organism is dubbed predator. The organism the is consumed up by the predator is referred to as prey. In the given case, the wolf load is the predator conversely, the moose is the prey.

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