What jumps out at an initial sounds prefer gibberish: “ooombasayoh” and also “seemoobadiyah.”

The tune is Rusted Root’s “Send Me On mine Way,” and also those rash syllables — linked with actual English indigenous sung rather conveniently — have resonated in pop society throughout the critical 20 years. Return the song was never ever technically a hit single, getting to a top of No. 72 top top the Billboard hot 100 in 1995, it has actually popped up everywhere the place and achieved a continuing to be power more powerful than most bigger hits of the era.

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“Send Me On mine Way” has actually been featured in at the very least seven movies, most notably in “Matilda” and also “Ice Age.” enterprise Rent-A-Car used it in a commercial. It proved up ~ above the NBC sitcom “Chuck.” It’s end up being a standard an option for wedding dances and prom themes.

Something around it, even if it is it’s the colorful use of pennywhistle in the accompaniment or the quasi-religious glossolalia effect of the lyrics, has made the track stick v people. Yet Rusted Root’s leader, Michael Glabicki, has never been contents to coast on one song’s momentum: 2012’s “The Movement” is the eighth studio album for the group, i beg your pardon is mirroring no indicators of easing up.

On Wednesday, Rusted source performs at the Acorn theatre in three Oaks.

Glabicki and his bandmates have constantly been cursed political activists, and this year Rusted Root contributed a tune to a compilation album title “Buy This Fracking Album.” The project, which also includes cut from Bonnie Raitt and also Meshell Ndegeocello among others, is aimed at raising awareness about the damaging eco-friendly effects of hydraulic fracturing practices, other that has been a hot-button topic in the group’s hometown, Pittsburgh.

“Once you understand the results of fracking, it’s a no-brainer that you would be against having it excellent in your neighborhood — or anywhere, for the matter,” Glabicki says by telephone from a tour protect against in Boston.

In 2010, Pittsburgh came to be the first U.S. City to embrace an ordinance banning fracking within its city limits. An investigation by the eco-friendly Protection company discovered the fracking in rural Dimock, Pa., brought about methane air pollution in domestic water wells.

“We took a expedition to Dimock, and sat in various living rooms and heard people’s stories around what fracking had actually done to your community. It was horrible,” Glabicki says. “It provides you wonder exactly how our country can allow this happen. Typically in the past, we would just do these things to 3rd World countries.”

Staying in ~ the forefront of current problems helps Rusted Root avoid being pigeonholed as merely another jam band from the ’90s, an assessment that was never ever quite accurate to begin with. The team played ~ above the renowned H.O.R.D.E. Tour, however never had actually much stylistic overlap with the caravan’s huge names — Blues Traveler and Phish, for instance.

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“I’ve heard Natalie vendor get called a jam band,” Glabicki says, laughing. “What does it average anymore?”

One mainstay in Rusted Root’s lengthy career has actually been Glabicki’s guitar, a Larrivée acoustic with a pickup attached end the soundhole. ~ a couple of years on the road, the tool is visibly decaying. Soon it will resemble Willie Nelson’s decrepit “Trigger.”

Glabicki foresees a suitable eco-friendly final chapter for the guitar, together if the is gradually dissolving right into a sort of musical-mystical compost heap.

“I bought the in ’95, and I haven’t found a far better one yet. I’m just … returning it come the Earth, ns guess,” that says. “One night it’s simply going come vanish.”