When you have to select a block that cells, the easiest means is to usage a mouse, click a cell and then drag to cover every the cells that you desire to select.

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Or if you’re a keyboard person, you deserve to hold the shift an essential and move the cursor to make the selection.

But both that these approaches work when you desire to select a contiguous selection of cells.

But what if you desire to select non-adjacent cells in Excel?

You have the right to do that too… it’s no as simple as choosing the nearby cells, but it’s still fairly easy.

In this Excel tutorial, ns will present you some straightforward ways to select non-adjacent cell in Excel.

So let’s acquire started!

This accuse Covers:

Select Non-Adjacent Cells making use of the Mouse

The easiest means to select non-adjacent varieties is by making use of the mouse (along with the keyboard).

Below is how to select 2 non-adjacent range of cells:

click on the an initial cell the you desire to it is in selected. This will now come to be the active cell host the Control vital on your keyboard Left-click on the mouse and drag to make the selection Leave the mouse click. At this point, you would have a selection. Proceed to organize the Control an essential Place the cursor ~ above the second cell/range the you want to choose Left-click ~ above the mouse and drag to make the choice Leave the mouse click. This would choose two non-contiguous variety of cells. Release the Control vital


In instance you desire to select more than two ranges of non-adjacent cells, save the control key pressed, and also keep making the selections.

Select Non-Adjacent Cells using the keyboard Only

While the best method is to use the above an approach (using a combination of keyboard and also mouse), if you want to only use the key-board to choose non-adjacent cells, you can do that together well.

Below space the measures to select non-adjacent cells using the keyboard:

place the cursor on the an initial cell that you want to select. This currently becomes the active cell press the F8 key. This will put your device in the ‘Extend Selection’ mode. It additionally says that in the standing bar.
usage the arrow keys to make the selection. Due to the fact that you’re in the Extend choice mode, this will keep a an option of every the surrounding cells organize the Shift an essential and press the F8 key. This gets rid of the ‘Extend Selection’ mode and changes it come ‘Add or eliminate Selection’
use the arrow keys to ar the cursor ~ above the following cell that you want to encompass in the an option Press the F8 key again. Usage the arrowhead keys to make the selection. Organize the Shift an essential and push the F8 key. This removes the ‘Extend Selection’ mode.

The above steps would select two non-adjacent cell or ranges.

If you desire to select an ext such ranges, store repeating the same process. Listed below is a demo od exactly how this would certainly work:


Select Non-Adjacent Cells/Ranges making use of the surname Box

Sometimes, you must select certain cells that room scattered and also far off.

In such a case, girlfriend can also use the Name crate in Excel to choose non-adjacent cells.

Name crate is right next to the formula bar (on the left the it) and is constantly visible with the formula bar. Therefore if you recognize what cells you desire to select, it will certainly be faster to go into the cell reference in the name box and also hit the enter key.

For example, suppose you desire to choose the following cells – A1, C12, D20, K14

Below is exactly how to select these non-adjacent cells utilizing the name Box:

click the name Box. This will place the cursor in the name box enter the various cells/ranges that you want to pick (separated by a comma when selecting multiple ranges) fight the Enter key


This would certainly instantly select all the stated cells.

Note that v Name Box, the last specified cell i do not care the energetic cell.

You can likewise use the name crate to select non-adjacent ranges.

For example, intend you desire to choose the following three varieties – A1:A20,C1:C20,F1:F20, you have the right to use this in the name Box.

One area where utilizing Name box to make selection works great is once you have named ranges. Because that example, suppose you have ranges through the name Data1, Data2, and Data3. Rather of mental the ranges, simply develop a named range and get in this named range in the surname Box.

Select Non-Adjacent cells (with a particular value) making use of Find and also Replace

Sometimes, you might want to choose cells based upon the worth in it.

For example, if you have actually the sales data of lot of Sales Reps, you may want to choose all the cell that have actually the surname ‘Mike’.


While you have the right to do this manually, v a huge dataset, it’s finest to use Find and also Replace to do this.

Below room the procedures to usage Find and Replace to pick non-adjacent cells:

select the whole data selection Hold the Control vital and then push the F vital (or Command + F in making use of a Mac) In the Find and Replace dialog crate that opens, get in the name Mike in the ‘Find what’ field
click the find All button. This will discover all the cells that have actually the name ‘Mike’
organize the Control vital and press the ‘A’ key. This will pick all the cells that were found
near the Find and Replace dialog box.

The above steps would pick all the cell that have the searched text.


Now that you have actually all these selected, you deserve to change, edit, or format these.

Pro tip: If you are making any kind of changes in the cell value of the selected non-contiguous cells and you desire that adjust to show up in every the cells, enter the worth in the energetic cell and then press manage + Enter.

For example, if you desire to change the name from Mike come Michael, very first use the above steps to pick all the cells v the name Mike. Once selected, type the name Michael (which will get in the surname in the active cell only), and then hold the Control an essential and push the get in key.

This will make certain the same text is gone into in every the selected cells.

You deserve to use this cheat to enter text, values, as well as formulas.

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A usual use-case of this might be when you want to easily find and select all the cells that are blank and replace it through zero.