Santa"s Hotline

Want to contact Santa because that real? Or do you want to text Santa, or Facetime him? it is simple for youngsters to contact Santa. Every you have to do is to speak to the Santa hotline, and Santa will answer your call.

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This is Santa"s actual phone number :1(605)313-4000 when you are in united States

While in the unified Kingdom, +44(0)3306060547 and also Ireland, use +353(0)14372290.

A parental can likewise schedule a time to have actually Santa call, he is busy you know! these calls have the right to be reserved for a particular date and time do it straightforward for your youngsters to prize the call themselves.

If the children want to talk to Santa immediately, oh yes lock can. Just call the Santa hotline and also leave a article for Santa by adhering to the instructions.


This software program helps the kids to send text messages to Santa. This messaging software gives kids a choice to message or call and also can transform text into voice and also voice to message (that"s a mouthful!). Kids are always invited by Santa to message him your wish list on his totally free tool number.

Text Santa using this number: 844-967-2682.

Then Santa will certainly send a video message back.

Portable phibìc Pole

Portable phibìc Pole is an application for cellphones that aid kids send personalized messages to Santa while the gets prepared for his Christmas eve flight.

Children will be happy come see and hear a heartwarming blog post from Santa. Hope he will reward the small ones because that being good all year long.

If you to be a small naughty (or also bad) Santa encourages youngsters that they deserve to still improve.

Children deserve to visit the website and install this applications through: or

Santa and his elves send personalized video clip messages and call youngsters anywhere roughly the globe.

Santa knows if you"ve been poor or good but that does desire to hear indigenous you. Then he will send girlfriend a video message or call you come talk.

You can create unforgettable memories by downloading and install your video clip and watching that every Christmas season.

Letters to Santa is a website where you deserve to send Santa a message. You deserve to send send Santa a post by going come, and this will lug you come a web page where you can write Santa a letter.

Tell that if you have been cheeky or pretty this year and also what presents you expect to find under the tree Christmas morning.

You have the right to still send Santa a real letter in the mail, however it doesn"t hurt to make sure he gets the perform twice!

Norad Santa Tracker

Using military satellites in external space, NORAD provides children with the capability to watch the location of Santa online during his Christmas night flight across the world on

Children can track Santa online using the website or mobile apps the are accessible for windows, apple, and Android devices.

Children can likewise call or message 1-877-HiNORAD to understand Santa’s location. It uses radars, satellites, devoted cameras, and also fighter jets.

Take away

There is naught that kids enjoy much more during this Christmas season 보다 calling, video clip calling, messaging, using Facetime, emailing, and texting Santa Claus because that real.

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We introduce a parent be present to make sure the son is operation in a safe, secure, and appropriate manner.