sailor Moon: 15 points You Didn't Know around Mini Moon sailor Mini Moon is a lot much more than just Sailor Moon"s daughter. She has her own collection of incarnations and also powers. Here"s every little thing you didn"t know.

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Sailor Mini Moon is destined to become the next Sailor Moon, so it provides sense for her to have actually her own team of warriors to defend her.

When Rini lastly awakens together a warrior, she bodyguards perform as well. Their names are sailor Ceres, seafarer Pallas, sailor Juno, and also Sailor Vesta. They room all named after asteroids and together are known as the sailor Quartet.

Before awakening, they to be asleep in Amazon stones. They make two major appearances in the manga. In the first, they to be awakened early by the Dead Moon Circus and also temporarily corrupted into ending up being evil.

They were also seen in the Stars arc as soon as Sailor Mini Moon travels earlier to the past to assist the sailor Scouts in battle. A version of the Quartet appeared in Sailor Moon SuperS, however they to be not sailor Scouts.

2 She might Have one Electra Complex

seafarer Mini Moon often clashes through her mother, yet she it s okay along really well with her father. A little too well for part fans...

There have been a few odd moments between Mini Moon and also Tuxedo Mask. When Rini first travels to the past, her mother and father room in the center of a kiss. She floor on optimal of she mother, knocking she away, and kisses she father.

She also exhibits a small crush top top him, lot to she mother"s annoyance. However, this could just it is in an chaste admiration of her father and she might just it is in doing this come tease she mother, but there is one disturbing minute in specific that raised many eyebrows.

In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, when she transforms right into the black color Lady she holy spirit controls Tuxedo Mask and also obsesses over him. She believes that her mommy is stealing the from her and kisses him.

This encounter led part fans come wonder if Mini Moon has actually some type of Electra Complex, possibly stemming from jealousy of her mother.

Rini appears to be around five or 6 years old once she first appears, however she seems fairly intellectually advanced for she age. This is because she is actually chronologically 900 year old.

The inhabitants of crystal Tokyo are essentially immortal, which explains the long life span. She body stopped its organic aging procedure at the period of five due to the fact that of exposure to the silver Crystal"s power.

Because of she physical appearance being stunted, she powers did no awaken in decision Tokyo and also she to be unable to become a warrior favor her mother.

This also explains why her greatest dream is to become a lady. Once she becomes sailor Mini Moon, she resumes aging normally.

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When she returns later on in the manga, she has actually grown as much as be around seven or eight years old.


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