I have a version 4 roll block through a 22 1/2in barrel in 32 rimfire, the serial number is 13037 would certainly anybody recognize the date of produce of this firearm? the is stamped remington and sons top top the height of the barrel and also not remington arms


Northernguns: all my reverences indicate that the No 4 rolling Block was presented in 1890 and approximately 350,000 to be produced prior to it to be discontinued in 1933.

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Those same references show that the trademark in usage from 1854 come 1888 to be "E. Remington and also Sons" and also the trade mark in usage from 1888 to 1914 was "Remington eight Company".

There are number of possibilities for your rifle come be marked "E. Remington and Sons":

1. A No. 4 barrel(s) to be mismarked making use of an obsolete "E. Remington and Sons" die and also that barrel was assembled into your rifle (and perhaps others).

2. Remington had excess "E. Remington and also Sons" significant .32 in salt Fire barrels from other models (e.g. No.2 rolling Block) that they wished to usage to conserve costs.

3. The rifle was re-barreled with an "E. Remington and also Sons" significant barrel after leaving the factory.

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Value of normally marked No. 4 rifles varieties from $50 parts weapons to $1500 for a 98% specimen. Your "E. Remington and Sons" significant rifle might command a premium native collectors depending upon the truth of its origin.