Lyrics go something prefer this:**Relax don’t perform itWhen you desire to go to itRelax don’t perform itWhen you want to come**

I can think of million points not come do once you desire to come. Think of grandma, pour Tabasco on her "nads, ram a meat skewer through… fine you obtain the point.

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Was the ever identified what FGTH specifically had actually in mind no to do?

Umm… come.

I constantly thought the Frankie would choose it if you relaxed a bit rather of ejaculating. Do it last at the very least until the end of the tune where he pretty plainly gives you her cue.

Having never actually slept through Frankie, I can be wrong.

You know, “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” to be awesome. Thanks for remind me. I’m going to walk pull out part FGTH tapes.

i constantly thought that the relax little refered to yer marmite motorway and also that was wot every the fuss was around when the track was released?!

The track is around sodomy.

It is around relaxing her sphincter, which enables for considerably an ext pleasure in the act of anal sex.From

Famously, in 1983 Radio One DJ Mike “Myfanwy” check out sussed the worst-kept non-secret in music. Having just play Frankie Goes come Hollywood’s Relax, the red-faced and also fuming twat apologised to listeners for not realising that the text “Relax, simply do it, as soon as you want to suck to it, Relax, just do it, once you want to come,” were a referral to ejaculation and possible homosexual activities, such asbum-ups, men-touch and knob-knob-suck-suck (the outraged read being a well one to talk, given that, according to a national newspaper part years later, he liked to bed impressionable young fans while listening come The Icicle Works). By the moment the BBC got around to banning Relax it had currently been performed on peak Of The Pops, and also was at number two in the charts. The resultant publicity neighboring the ban moved it to number one.

camkorn June 26, 2001, 12:25pm #6

marmite motorway = spinchter btwhehe


Revtim June 26, 2001, 12:42pm #7

*Originally post by Lance Turbo ***Umm… come.


I think I recognize this now. In the phrase, “Don’t do it, once you want to come”, I always took ‘it’ to median don’t do , as soon as you want to come", whereby was part other, unnamed activity.

I see currently that “it” is directly referring come coming. “Don’t perform it, as soon as you desire to come” is choose saying, “If you’re around to come, don’t”.

A twenty year personal secret solved!

I quiet think you’re being a small anal, revtim – or not, actually. It’s about relaxing the sphincter come allow accessibility and thereby, eventually, ‘coming’ (as camkorn suggests with his ‘marmite motorway’ reference).

At critical recollection Holly Johnson (the command singer) was hanging in there with AIDS but that was part time back – i don’t know what happened…

Is EVERY song I choose really around anal sex???

First “Brown-Eyed Girl,” currently this. Ns don’t think I want to recognize any much more “real” tune meanings!


First “Brown-Eyed Girl,” now this.

WHAT?! describe yourself, missy. My whole human being feels ~ above the verge that shattering.

Originally post by Scarlett67 **

WTF? Brown-Eyed Girl is about anal sex? as in the valve Morrison classic? that’s gotta be part twisted exegesis. You re welcome explain.

dantheman June 26, 2001, 5:13pm #12

How "bout that one about transforming your brown eyes blue?


bughunter June 26, 2001, 6:26pm #13

Or the Hokey Pokey?

You put your appropriate hand in,You take it your best hand out,You execute the Hokey PokeyAnd you shake it all about.

Sounds quite suggestive when you look for it!

Well, gift a brown-eyed girl, I constantly liked the song. Till somebody told me that the brown-eyed girl to be really, well, a one-eyed, brown-eyed girl. (Maybe she Willy the One-Eyed Wonder Worm’s girlfriend.) ns don’t know or care whether that true or not. The image has been shed into mine mind, and also that’s enough.

I also believe that the “dummy” lyric for Billy Joel’s “Honesty” was “Sodomy . . .”

Oh, and also thanks a lot, bugger-hunter.

although I constantly hated that tune anyway, therefore it’s kind of appropriate

"Tis through utmost regret ns report over there is indeed a college of thought that believes van the man is referring to bottom banditry in ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. I don’t in reality go together with it (the theory, the is) but it’s over there in the archive somewhere- probably in one of those threads around the ‘real meaning’ of popular music toons.

Reading those threads can be a tiny disillusioning as most things appear to relate to ones toilet.

I s this a good moment to bring up Stevie Nicks anal Coke habit ?

London_Calling June 26, 2001, 7:56pm #16

I assumed ‘Sodomy’ was by the bee Gees ? - absolutely in the best key.

WordMan June 26, 2001, 8:25pm #17

*Originally posted by London_Calling ***I s this a great moment to bring up Stevie Nicks anal Coke habit ?**

If one could ever develop of a time when it would be a great moment to bring it up, I mean this would be it. Carry out tell…

*Originally posted by Revtim ***

*Originally posted by Lance Turbo ***Umm… come.


I think I recognize this now. In the phrase, “Don’t carry out it, once you desire to come”, I always took ‘it’ to typical don’t perform , when you want to come", whereby was some other, unnamed activity.

I see currently that “it” is straight referring to coming. “Don’t carry out it, once you want to come” is like saying, “If you’re about to come, don’t”.

A twenty year personal mystery solved! **

Naive youth that ns was, I always thought the this song was around abstinence. I.e.: Relax, calm down, don’t have actually sex as soon as you’re yes, really horny, kids.

Must be leftovers indigenous Nancy Reagan’s “Just to speak No” days…

*Originally post by WordMan *If one can ever develop of a time as soon as it would certainly be a an excellent moment to bring it up, I expect this would certainly be it. Do tell…

Well !.. I’m not one come gossip but

I go look in ~ Snopes as soon as to see if this to be a recognized U/L and also couldn’t find anything…anyhoo, this is something native ye old days of having a rock chic / music biz GF ( a human being in which embellishment is not a stranger):

Seems ms Nicks had a an extensive habit for some substantial time and, not being completely devoid that vanity, ended up being increasingly concerned about aspects of she vocal power - she thought that the evil powder was affecting the quality.

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Instead of offering up the habit, she decided to take it from the bottom increase and, U/L has actually it, someone to be employed top top a full time basis to blow the flour up she arse.