Otherside is a song by American alternate rock band Red hot Chili Peppers. The single was released in at an early stage 2000 from your comeback album Californication, which was released in June, 1999.




The tune was among the first songs the the band had written together with their ex-guitarist john Frusciante. John was formerly in the band from the year 1988 to 1992, and was a large influence top top the band"s main point sound in the albums - Mother"s Milk and also the legend Blood sugar Sex Magik.

After touring v the band v their freshly released album, Frusciante feel into a addiction to heroin and also cocaine. Midway v the tour Frusciante battered the tape duo come the sudden fame that the band and the addiction. Frusciante"s addiction obtained worse, leaving that poor and near death. Bassist Flea checked out John when he was at his lowest and also urged the to get in drug rehabilitation for number of years, till John agreed to get assist in 1998.

After the treatment, john re-joined the tape in mid 1998 and also started writting brand-new material with the band. As pointed out the track Otherside was one of the an initial songs that Frusciante had actually written with the band and was a great blueprint for various other songs top top the album. The tape switched their quick paced funk sound to an different rock sound with various genres of music also mixed in the songs.

The Lyrics


The lyrics of the song are mostly around drug addiction of both Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante, the was at an every time high for both in the last 5 years prior to the writting procedure of the song.

The song is also around the tragic death of the establishing member band and also guitarist of the tape Hillel Slovak, whom co-wrote the an initial three albums and recorded two documents with the tape (Freaky Styley and The Uplift Mofo Party Plan). Hillel to be the reason Flea began to play base guitar, was the greatest inspiration that Frusciante whom was at the moment the best fan that the band and a large part that the band"s main point sound.

The Music Video

The music video clip was command by duo Jonathan Dayton and also Valerie Faris and also filmed in a black and white style, which was inspired by Robert Wiene"s The cabinet of Dr. Caligari and also a lot of of different futurist artists from the 30"s.

The music video features a cartoonish city which is a component of a man"s dream. The tape members are dressed in black using various props as instruments (Frusciante is play a rope in the corridor as a guitar, Flea is play voltage wires as a base guitar and also Chad is rotating a medival clock the serves as a north kit).

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Singer Anthony Kiedis is top top the optimal of a lock tower with brief platinum hair, v a dark and calm persona, i beg your pardon is the polar the opposite of the energetic and happy performances featured in larger videos in the 90"s.