Is a Square a Rectangle?

Today is the day that you finally learn the answer to the controversial question as to whether or no a square deserve to be a rectangle. Before we discover the definitive answer come this question, let’s take it a look in ~ two very important definitions:

What is a Square?

A square is a closed figure with four sides of equal lengths and four best angles.

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What is a Rectangle?

A rectangle is a closed number with four straight sides and also four ideal angles.

The subtle difference in definitions in between a square and a rectangle is incredibly important. Why? because this subtle difference is the key to determining even if it is or no a square is a rectangle.

So, is a square a rectangle?

The rapid answer is correct! A square have the right to be a rectangle by definition.

Now let’s explore the factors why a square is constantly a rectangle by utilizing an analogy to cookie that will certainly make the answer very simple!

The Cookie Analogy

By definition, a cookie is a tiny baked treat that is generally round, flat, and crisp.

And us all understand that an Oreo is a form of cookie (and certainly fits this definition).

But, is every cookie one Oreo?

Definitely not! an Oreo is a special kind of cookie, however there are several other species of cookies consisting of sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, girl reconnaissance cookies, and gingerbread cookies.

And furthermore, we have the right to conclude that:

An Oreo is a special kind of cookie.

Every Oreo is a cookie, but not every cookie is an oreo.

Now let’s extend this same exact type of reasoning from the cookie analogy to understand why a square is a rectangle.

Every Square is a Rectangle. This is Why:

Remember the a rectangle is a closed number with four straight sides and four ideal angles.

Does a Square to the right this definition? yes! A square is a special sort of closed figure with 4 straight sides and also four appropriate angles the also has sides that all have equal length.

Therefore, we can conclude that:

A Square is a special kind of rectangle.

Every Square is a rectangle, however not every rectangle is a square.

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Conclusion: a square is constantly a rectangle, but a rectangle is not constantly a square.

However, the is essential to keep in mental that even though every squares room rectangles, not all rectangles are squares. Just favor in the cookie example, every Oreos room cookies, but not every cookies room Oreos. And the very same is true with squares and also rectangles. So, while all squares are rectangles, not all rectangles room squares.

Do you desire to learn more about why every squares are rectangles? inspect out ours Is a Square a Rectangle? YouTube video clip that accompanies this post:

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