Have you ever before sat in a theater wondering whether you deserve to use the 3D glasses indigenous the movie theater at home? I’ve had actually plenty of world ask me this question, therefore I chose to perform a bit an ext digging right into the topic.

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So, can you use 3D glasses from the movie theatre at home? Movie theaters typically use RealD 3D glasses, which space passive 3D glasses and these will certainly absolutely job-related with your 3D mechanism at home, giving it likewise supports passive 3D technology. While energetic 3D an innovation is the most usual type, movie theater glasses will occupational in your home if you have a passive system.

Active 3D glasses

Rather than polarizing the image so that each eye only sees half, active glasses have actually a shutter built into them. They alternate between every eye in ~ a really rapid speed, i beg your pardon again top your brain into thinking that the photo is 3D. Also, this permits you to watch a full 1080 image, quite than just half.

Ultimately, this way that the projectors and also TVs that produce active 3D photos are actually much cheaper, and also so are much more accessible come a home market. If you have an active 3D system, then movie theatre glasses won’t work.

Active vs Passive 3D glasses


When it concerns the main distinctions between energetic and passive 3D glasses, the most apparent one is price. Passive 3D glasses are reasonably cheap because there’s no much modern technology in them. Energetic glasses, however, are much more expensive (think $100 or more), but this is due to the fact that they perform much much more work.


The other large issue is more than likely accessibility. Usually speaking, active 3D technology is the more widely easily accessible because the projectors are cheaper however the glasses space pricey. As you’ll only need 1 or 2 pairs, it’s a more sensible version for residence theaters.

Similarly, passive 3D glasses permit for a greater variety of people to watch from the exact same viewing device. Together we’ve currently established, passive 3D glasses indigenous the movie theater work at home, and people could carry their own. The price of energetic 3D glasses means you’re much less likely come own much more than 2 pairs, i beg your pardon greatly borders the lot of human being that have the right to use them.


Then, we have actually the comfort element. Active 3D glasses have actually most the the working an innovation contained in the glasses themselves, which makes them nice weighty. Similarly, they have actually thicker lenses, and also so could not be as comfortable. If you’re thinking around mega 3D movie marathons, climate passive 3D would be your far better choice.

Image quality

Finally is the worry of photo quality. Active 3D glasses develop a far better quality image yet have been recognized to result in flickering, which deserve to be distracting. However, passive glasses produce a lower quality image, which can seem a little dull in ~ times.

Essentially, energetic 3D modern technology is cheaper to usage at home and also produces much better images. When passive 3D glasses are inexpensive, the projectors deserve to be an extremely pricey. As you have the right to see, it all depends on your budget.

How to acquire the many out of her 3D the town hall experience

Now that we know that we deserve to use movie theater 3D glasses at home, it’s time to look at how to acquire the many out of her 3D technology. It deserve to be tempting to simply unbox her TV and also go, yet there are certainly a few things precious considering.

Make sure you usage a backlight

You might want come watch her 3D in a dark room to acquire that true movie theatre experience, however this can regularly be a negative idea. 3D TVs generally project brighter photos to comprise for the truth that your passive glasses are tinted. Together a result, her eyes will certainly get tired quicker and also you’re more likely to endure headaches.

The simplest way to stop this difficulty is to set a desk lamp up behind her TV and allude it in ~ the wall. Placing the irradiate behind the TV doesn’t impact image quality but will alleviate eyestrain by offering them a reference point in the room, i beg your pardon reduces their need to contract and expand as much.

Pay attention to your display screen settings

If girlfriend haven’t already, take it a look at at her TV’s screen settings. There’s absolutely no factor to think they’d it is in optimized at all, let alone optimized because that your specific setup. Similarly, you might have to be happy through your setups until you actually take a look in ~ them and also realize they might be so lot better.

The ideal thing to perform would it is in to use a calibration medium, such as this Blu-Ray native Spears and Munsil(Amazon). That provides great results and also will present you how good your TV is. If you don’t have actually a Blu-Ray player, friend should have the ability to find an equivalent one online.

Have a look at the depth soot settings

It’s worth remembering that many 3D content handles differently. Because that example, games generally have actually adaptive 3D depth settings, while films generally stay static.

If she switching in between the 2, climate pay fist to your settings. A lower depth strongness might enable you to obtain the many out that a video game or film, although it could be a bit tedious to change it every time. Either method it’s worth having actually a pat with.

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Some last thoughts

When it involves using movie theatre 3D glasses at home, it’s absolutely possible. However, it’s worth making sure whether you have the best setup in order for them to be compatible. The luckily no too difficult to occupational out based on the kind of glasses girlfriend use.