View at community Photos. | The June 1, 2019 dawn sky – with a waning crescent moon and also (to the moon’s left) the planet Venus – and also with virga prolonging down native the clouds. Photo taken by Mike Lewinski. Those are the Sangre de Cristo hills near Taos, brand-new Mexico. Thanks, Mike!

Virga often appears in streaks or shafts expanding from the bottoms of clouds. You frequently see virga end a desert, where low humidity and high temperature can reason rain come evaporate quickly after being released through clouds. Or you could see virga in ~ high altitudes; in fact, the precipitation frequently starts the end in the kind of ice crystals. Virga is typically seen in the U.S. West and above the Canadian Prairies, in the center East, Australia and also North Africa. At part northerly latitudes, as well – as in the photos indigenous Sweden top top this page – virga periodically paints the skies above.

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The native virga is derived from Latin definition “twig” or “branch”.

It’s specifically dramatic sight at sunrise or sunset.

The photos on this web page are native friends. Enjoy, and share your pics through us on facebook or send them here.

Jill Whamond recorded this virga in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
In Boden in northern Sweden, by Birgit Bodén.
Virga over gold Open Space, brand-new Mexico. Photograph via Jay Chapman.
Timothy Busch caught this virga at sunset in brand-new Mexico.Susan Jensen recorded this image of virga in eastern Washington.Birgit Boden captured virga during a midnight sunset in the month that June, from northern Sweden.

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Ron Ratliff caught this virga close to Mexican Hat, Utah.Virga over Montana. Picture via Jessica Gutliph Karr.Virga end west Texas. Photo via Deborah Byrd.Virga over Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Photo via Beth Katz.Virga end Sweden in the month that April. Photo via Jorgen Norrland Andersson.

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Bottom line: image of virga, rain the evaporates prior to it reaches the ground.