Put the Cart before the horse Meaning

Definition: To do something in the wrong order; to perform the critical step before the an initial step.

Origin of placed the Cart prior to the Horse

This expression has actually existed in English since the early-1500s. However, various other languages had actually the same expression numerous years before that.

It originates from the literal definition of a steed pulling a cart. The horse always goes in front, and also the cart is traction behind. Imagine if someone put the dare in former of the horse. It would not be very effective.

Therefore, this expression emphasizes that something excellent in the dorn order will certainly not it is in effective.

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Examples of put the Cart prior to the Horse

In this example, a young woman supplies the expression if discussing how her friend have to clean her house.

Cassie: What room you doing?

Rebecca: ns cleaning up. You a guest in mine house. I desire you to feeling welcome and like my house.

Cassie: That’s not what ns meant. I meant why room you dusting your shelves now? You simply finished vacuuming.

Rebecca: therefore what?

Cassie: You shouldn’t dust after friend vacuum. You’ll just add an ext dust to her clean floors. You’re putting the cart before the horse. You need to dust first, then vacuum.

Rebecca: Huh. I never ever thought about it. That’s a an excellent idea.

In the conversation below, two friends are stating a crush that one of them has.

Antonio: Hey! I just met the most wonderful woman.

Igor: Really?

Antonio: Yeah, she amazing. I think she would make a wonderful wife and also mother.

Igor: go you already go top top a day with her?

Antonio: No, she’s a brand-new coworker of mine. I barely understand her in ~ all, however if us had youngsters together, i think I’d name them Alejandro and Alexa.

Igor: Okay, just don’t put the cart before the horse. Perhaps you should acquire to recognize this mrs a little much better before plan your whole life with her.

Antonio: Yeah, okay. I guess you right.

More Examples

The article excerpt below is around lawmakers that passed a new law concerning animals without first making certain the regulation would it is in effective. 

This post excerpt is about an athlete who won the skiing record for most civilization Cup downhill wins.


The expression put the cart before the horse describes doing the critical steps an initial and, therefore, do a strategy ineffective.


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