Dodge vital Programming – all the info you need to know how to regimen a brand-new Dodge an essential fob, transponder, or regular keys there is no the original, exactly how to make a duplicate, costs, tips, which tricks you can program yourself, procedures, what you should understand before, and also more.

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Dodge an essential fob programming – every you need to know

This web page is relevant for programming All dodge transponder keys and also remote crucial fobs. 

In this article:

Introduction to programming evade keys

How to add a duplicate Dodge crucial once you currently have a working key?

Tips for programming your brand-new key

Programming maker for Dodge key fobs

How have the right to I save money on acquiring a duplicate or a brand-new Dodge remote an essential made?

Dodge programming procedure – just how is it actually done?


Automotive locksmith – On-site programming service

Dodge an essential programming price – approximated price of programming a new an essential fob 

I already have a programmed far key, I just need a duplicate – dodge duplicate remote crucial cost


General details Dodge crucial programming

All evade models/car keys made ~ 1998 need programming or coding. That contains transponder secrets and key fobs.

Here room a couple of instances of transponder keys:

Transponder crucial that needs programming – Dodge

Cutting and also programming the actual vital when girlfriend don’t have actually a working an essential already require aid from an outside source like the dealer or an automotive locksmith.

However, programming one additional key for part models is easier. The process of programming a new an essential to begin the car involves, basically, two phases:

A. Cut a new an essential :

For transponder tricks – That means cutting a blank an essential to enhance the ignition and will be able to turn the ignition come “ON” or “RUN” position.

For an essential fobs – The emergency crucial will just unlock the doors.

You can speak to the dealer or a locksmith to cut the an essential for you. Store in mind, friend will have to provide proof of ownership and the VIN number.

B. Regime the key when you don’t have actually a working key.

As mentioned above, if your Dodge design was made after 1998 then chances are is equipped with some kind of transponder defense feature.

That security attribute requires an additional action (programming the key) to begin the car.

Program a new key, when you have no keys available require a programming machine AND a pen code. Therefore, a locksmith or a dealer are your just options.


You can’t program a new Dodge transponder an essential or crucial fob if friend don’t have actually both the crucial and the car on-site. Girlfriend won’t be able to code it remotely or have actually someone delivery you a coded key. In other words, you will either have to tow the auto to the dealer or contact a locksmith because that on-site service.

In addition, programming a new vital when you perform not have a working crucial only feasible with a one-of-a-kind programming maker and pin code that most automotive locksmiths or the dealer have.


On-site coding business with distinct programming maker for dodge keys

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I currently have a working key, I simply want to make a duplicate. What is the procedure of programming an extra duplicate key?


Here is what friend will require to include a duplicate evade key:Two already programmed and also working keys.A cut crucial that you great to regime – make certain it has actually the appropriate transponder value as your other key.You can program approximately four added keys because that each automobile using this method.

Here space the actions you should take come program an additional Dodge key:

Transponder crucial – dodge – Y162PT

insert your first original crucial – one of the two tricks that at this time you are able to start the vehicle with into the ignition cylinder.Turn the ignition cylinder to “ON” position for five-ten seconds and after come “OFF” position. Perform NOT leave THE KEYLESS THAN 5 OR an ext THAN 10 SECONDS.Remove the first original vital from the ignition cylinder.Now you have actually EIGHT secs to execute the next step.Insert the second already programmed into the ignition cylinder and turn it to “ON” position.Take a look in ~ the security light. It should go on which will indicate the is in “learning mode”Once the defense light go on and also “learning mode” is enabled, turn the ignition to turn off position.Now you have actually 40 seconds to perform the next step.Insert the new an essential you want to program and turn the ignition cylinder come ON position.After 8-15 seconds the defense light will go top top for around 3 seconds. When you see the protection light on for 3 seconds, it method the new vital has to be programmed and also can begin the car.To include additional keys, repeat procedures 1-10.

How execute I add and program second Dodge crucial fob?

Dodge duplicate crucial fobs

As point out above, there is no self-programming for Dodge crucial fobs. If you wish to program second key, you will have to either call a locksmith or the dealer, as a one-of-a-kind coding maker is needed to program those keys.

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A couple of tips prior to you begin the process of programming a new car vital for evade models:

A. When you routine a brand-new key, every previous tricks will be erased and won’t begin the car.

In various other words, if you discover your old key after programming the new one, it will not work.

Therefore, we extremely recommend having at least two brand-new cut keys and program castle both.


Most Dodge secrets look the same yet have a various chip worth inside

B. There room a few transponder secrets (Y160-PT, Y164-PT, FOBIK, push to start remotes, etc) that occupational on evade models. Friend must have actually the right kind of transponder vital that matches her model and also year.

Otherwise, the key will no program. You can inspect the right vital for the precise make and also model here.

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How can I conserve money on getting a duplicate or a new Dodge key/remote crucial fob?

If possible, avoid buying a an essential from a locksmith or dealer – gain it virtual yourself

As we explained above, the process of gaining a new crucial involves cutting the new an essential and program it.

When you speak to a locksmith or the dealer, they will charge you because that a organization call, the yes, really key, the labor of cutting the key, and also programming.

Fortunately, you deserve to save money by ordering it online, and also only have actually them cut and also program it. This alone will conserve you around $50-$100 as the locksmith or the dealer do a profit by offering you the crucial as well.

True, it may take a longer time to obtain a key online yet if you space not in a huge rush or require a vital ASAP, we recommend you carry out that. This is especially true if you only require a duplicate made.

Bottom line, how and also what need to I do?Call the dealer or locksmith – explain to them you already have the key/remote and would like it to be reduced and/or programmed. Questioning them because that a quote on this procedure.In addition, save in mind, the procedure usually expenses somewhere in between $80-$150, depends on the kind of key/remote friend have.Finally, schedule a time with them to have actually it done. Mental to administer them with the precise year, make and model, VIN number, and make sure you have actually proof that ownership.

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Dodge programming procedure – how is it in reality done?

Dodge transponder and remote car keys, additionally known as an essential fobs, smart secrets or press to start keys, room the latest generation that security car keys.

Therefore, onboard programming or self-programming is not easily accessible for these form of keys or remotes and an additional equipment or programming device is necessary to complete this process.

An automotive locksmith or the dealer will have to attach this device to the car’s computer to begin the programming procedure.

Below, a few examples of evade remote vital fobs that call for a programming machine:

IYZ-C01C dodge remote an essential fob – Programming required

M3N40821302 dodge remote vital fob – Programming required

Y162-PT evade transponder chip car vital – Programming required

Before the crucial can it is in programmed, it needs to be reduced to right your car (ignition and also doors). The most common means an automotive locksmith or the dealership do that is by “pulling” the an essential code, utilizing your VIN from the database. Every Dodge auto has a unique an essential code, i m sorry is attached to the VIN number.

Sometimes, this code have the right to be discovered on one of the cylinders (Door cylinder, glove box, etc). However, to have accessibility to this cylinder, we have to disassemble the door or gloves box cylinder to take it it out. Therefore, most locksmiths choose to pay for this code and also save time. (Unlike as soon as you already have a cut an essential and simply need a duplicate)

Here is an example of a crucial code on a gloves box cylinder:

Keycode top top a cylinder – provided by an automotive locksmith to reduced a brand-new key

This is pertinent for both transponder secrets and an essential fobs.

Uncut dodge fob emergency key


Uncut dodge transponder key

2. Routine the an essential or remote key fob – come actually start the car.

Automotive locksmith coding a brand-new Dodge crucial fob on-site

The programming procedure is merely a procedure to let her Dodge auto know that the new crucial is “authorized” to begin the car. The being done by connecting a programming maker to your car’s computer. The process takes around 5 minutes for each an essential to it is in programmed.

Both the dealer and also an automotive locksmith will have to do the very same thing, however, follow to our research, prices vary:

Cost that programming Dodge crucial fob and transponder key:

Dodge coding device connected come the car for transponder crucial programming

Dodge coding maker connected to the car for vital fob programming

By the dealer: (Not including the key)

Estimated cost programming Dodge key fob – Dealership

These are average costs: (Depends on your location, the dealership, and more)

Cutting the key: Usually approximately $80

Programming the key: Usually about $80

In addition, you will have to two your car to the dealer which is second expanse of $100 (estimate)

Total approximated cost: $260

By an automotive locksmith: (Not including the key)

Estimated expense programming Dodge vital fob – Locksmith

These are typical costs, as it relies on the year and model of her Dodge car, your place (for company call fee) time of job etc.

We confirm the prices during regular company hours, the same as we did through the dealer, and here room the results:

Cutting the key: Usually about $70

Programming the key: Usually approximately $70

In addition, one automotive locksmith typically charges a service call or a trip charge i m sorry is around $60.

Total estimated cost: $200

In conclusion,


Key fobs – Dodge

As you have the right to see, the price the replacing and programming a new Dodge an essential fob or transponder crucial varies counts on many factors.

Therefore, we highly recommend contacting a couple of service providers including automotive locksmiths and dealerships because that a quote.

Finally, we very recommend do an extra key while instead of your vital as the is much cheaper 보다 making a brand-new one when you shed all her keys.

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I already have a programmed key, I simply need a duplicate – Dodge key fob and also transponder duplicate vital cost

Duplicate Dodge crucial fob

The price of make a duplicate Dodge crucial is cheaper than making an original crucial when all tricks are shed for two key reasons:

You currently have a cut crucial – That means no have to “pull” a password from the database.Your car’s computer already “knows” the one vital is authorized to begin the car and therefore we can use that key to include some more. (Note that not in all models and years it’s possible)

Here is the average price of getting a duplicate Dodge key from the dealership and also an automotive locksmith:

Cost of duplicate a Dodge vital by the dealer: (Not including the key)

Estimated price of duplicating Dodge an essential fob – Dealership

These are typical costs, together it really depends on the year and model of your Dodge car.

Cutting the key: Usually about $20

Programming the key: Usually about $80

Total estimated cost: $100

Cost the duplicate a Dodge key by an automotive locksmith: (Not including the key)

Estimated expense of duplicating Dodge key fob – Automotive locksmith

These are typical costs, as it really depends on the year and model of her Dodge car, your location(as a locksmith will concerned you) time of work etc.

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We confirm the prices throughout regular company hours, the same as us did through the dealer, and here space the results:

Cutting the key: Usually approximately $10

Programming the key: Usually about $70

In addition, an automotive locksmith usually charges a company call or a trip charge i beg your pardon is usually around $60 or you can drive your auto to the locksmith shop and save this expanse which us obviously recommend.