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A hude set of codes...0.0 understand Codes1.0 Pokemon Codes1.1 Pokemon conference Codes1.2 Obeying Mew1.3 Pokemon Level Codes1.4 Pokemon glowing Code1.5 record Trainer"s Pokemon1.6 Pokemon Nature Codes1.7 Pokemon gender Codes1.8 Catch any Pokemon instantly1.9 Altering cave Pokemon comprehensive 2.0 article Codes2.1 Cheap item Codes2.2 Buy any Item Codes3.0 various Codes3.1 DMA Disabler3.2 Ticket Enabler3.3 View secret ID Code3.4 Anti Memcrypt Code3.5 national Pokedex password 3.6 Walk v Walls3.7 Immediat Battles
(M) 72bc6dfbe9ca546556671f3a6f4f4d6b8d671fd96f6beff278da95df44018cb46b5aeec6f80e49bc1c7b3231b494738c
These codes only occupational with LeafGreen v1.1.Make sure to placed the codes listed below as ActionReplay v3.0.Codes do by SkylineYouTube.Bit.ly/DogeArmyTool made by Ciro.Bit.ly/PokeToolsI expect you males enjoy this codes. ;)MasterCode (required)E6A003D6 8110DDD556671F3A 6F4F4D6BAnti-DMA (required)24C35E88 037C303378DA95DF 44018CB4
Use the automatic Pokemon Leaf green (UK) "m" code that come pre-installed in ~ the activity Replay. This isE6a003d68110ddd556671f3a6f4f4d6b24c35e88037c303378da95df44018cb428f71f08Abb3653869ba4f2672716663
Disclaimer: they make 2 different versions of this game. See as how most - if not all - of the codes here are for V1, i realized some may wonder why the codes won"t work on their game. Shot this, it might work (did for me anyway):
Here room some good codes:(M) 72bc6dfbe9ca546556671f3a6f4f4d6b8d671fd96f6beff278da95df44018cb46b5aeec6f80e49bc1c7b3231b494738cMore password follow...
Here space some beneficial codes for recording wild Pokemon. I"ll article MODIFIERS some other time.-------(M)72BC6DFB E9CA546556671F3A 6F4F4D6B(Note the this is no the normal Leaf eco-friendly (M) code! do a brand-new cheat file with this one.)
(M) 72bc6dfbe9ca546556671f3a6f4f4d6b8d671fd96f6beff278da95df44018cb46b5aeec6f80e49bc1c7b3231b494738cBulbasaur 1bd76d93b92ca8cead86124f2823d8daThe codes follow
I"m also adding another one for leaf eco-friendly this time it"s an activity replay code. This will adjust your trainer card color to gold and also will have 4 stars top top it


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