Is Steve Chen married? Yes, he is. His wife’s surname is Park Ji-hyun. ~ the marriage, Park adjusted her surname to Jamie Chen. He pair is report to celebrate their wedding secretly. They involved know each various other in 2008 as soon as Steve remained in a visit to Korea while cultivating YouTube.

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They both attended a party arranged by Google Korea. Park Ji-hyun provided to serve Google Korea as a product marketing manager. The beautiful pair is blessed with two children and resides together in mountain Francisco.

His mam was appointed as a trustee of the asian Art Museum of mountain Francisco in July 2012. Scroll down to explore more interesting personal facts and also biography that Steve:

Who is Steve Chen?

Born together Steven Shih Chen, he landing the earth on august 25, 1978, which renders his age be 42 year old together of 2020. By profession, that is an American businessman best known for being one of the co-founders of well-known video-sharing website YouTube along with Chad Hurley and also Jawed Karim. In 2014, he joined Google ventures after co-founding AVOS Systems, Inc. And also launching the video-sharing application MixBit.

Steve Chen’s early Life and Education

Chen was born in 1978 and his location of birth is in Taipei, Taiwan. His family immigrated to the unified States when he to be 8 years old. Initially, the family resided in possibility Heights, Illinois.

Regarding his education and academic achievements, that attended river Trails center School and also later in john Hersey High school for his freshman year of high school. He was also enrolled at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA). For his greater education, he saw the university of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from where he deserve his graduation in 2002 majoring in computer science.


Career and also Professional Life of web Entrepreneur

Chen offered to bring string craze in computer science and also was fond that being an innovative from very early age. Before beginning his business man journey, he worked at PayPal throughout which the met Jawed Karim (born top top October 28, 1979) and also Chad Hurley (born ~ above January 24, 1977). Chen, Karim and Hurley room the three co-founders that YouTube which was ranked in the world’s top 50 websites within a year of gift launched.

He was likewise one that the earliest employees of the well known social networking site, Facebook. That left his task at on facebook in stimulate to begin YouTube. The co-founded YouTube where he offered as a chief technical officer. After selling YouTube come Google Inc., he started AVOS equipment with Hurley i beg your pardon later acquired Delicious native Yahoo! Inc.

With Vijay Karunamurthy, he started a live streaming food network dubbed which was launched in 2016. It was shut under in the following year.

Personal Life: happy Married to oriental Wife

Steve Chen is a married man. That married his korean Girlfriend Park Ji-hyun whom he met in Korea throughout a party held by Google Korea. The pair is blessed through two kids including a kid born in July 2010. After their marriage, Park readjusted her surname to Jamie Chen. His religious belief isn’t available and perhaps he is Christian.


Body Measurements: exactly how Tall is Steve Chen?

American internet entrepreneur Steve Chen stands at a tall height of 1.7 m as per some online sources. He has actually a well-maintained human body structure and also he clearly knows the prominence of physical well-being in enhancement to being mentally healthy. Chen must be remaining under regime nutritional chart by following continual workout activities.

How lot is the net worth of Steve Chen?

American net entrepreneur Steve Chen has an estimated net precious of 560 million USD. The is a successful entrepreneur who has actually been awarded through prestigious title and listed in various renowned rankings. He was listed in the list of “The 50 civilization who matter now” by organization 2.0 in June 2006. He and Hurley offered YouTube come Google, Inc. On October 16, 2006, for 1.65 billion USD.

He obtained 625,366 unit shares of Google along with second 68,721 in a trust. Top top 15 might 2011, asian Scientist Magazine called him in the list of the 15 oriental Scientists to Watch. The branch of Illinois honored him the order of Lincoln (the State’s highest possible honor) in 2018 and also was additionally inducted as a Laureate of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois.

Wiki and also Facts

The story of Steve Chen is prepared by miscellaneous wiki sites including Wikipedia. His Twitter account is accessible

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Steve Chen is a well known internet entrepreneur and also is attributed for being one of the co-founders that YouTube, the world’s top video-sharing website. He has garnered the suffer of working for Facebook, PayPal and also Google ventures in enhancement to his donation to YouTube.