Mira Munakata is a common high college freshman; that goes to school, hangs out v friends, and has sex v his father. Ok, perhaps not for this reason typical. Through the affections (and advances) of everyone from childhood friends to an elderly classmates, Mira has a wide choice of prospects to pick from; however the just one he really wants is his loving (literally) dad Kousuke. So, when Kousuke continues to be out late and is rumored to be married to his beautiful co worker, what’s a young to do yet cry?

As a member that a music duo on the verge the making the into present business, Shindou Shuichi has actually a many on his psychic -- especially due to the fact that he writes the songs for his bad Luck band. His life it s okay no much less hectic as soon as he bumps right into Yuki Eiri, a effective yet downhearted author extraordinaire, who immediately insults Shuichi’s lyrics upon analysis them. Seek him out to demand an apology, Shuichi nonetheless sees other facets the Eiri’s personality. Have the right to he expropriate the reality that he could be emerging feelings for the novelist who discredited his work-related on their first meeting?

TagsBLRomanceShoujoShounen-aiAdult CouplesCohabitationLGBT ThemesMature RomanceMusicOpposites AttractRock MusicShowbizWritersEmotional AbuseMature ThemesPhysical AbuseSexual AbuseSexual ContentKirepapa.OVA (2 eps)Prime Time2008 - 2009

Chisato Takatsukasa would like to think he"s a normal came to parent. His attractive son, Riju, has plenty of male friends and Chisato is specific that they all want nothing an ext than come take advantage of that - and thus the concocts schemes come scare far each and also every one of them. However, there"s one guy who doesn"t it seems to be ~ to acquire the hint: Shunsuke Sakaki, Riju"s ideal friend who is covertly in love with Chisato. With a collection of meet Chisato comes to realize he has feelings for Shunsuke as well, but what around Riju and his feelings?

TagsBLComedyRomanceShounen-aiAge GapLGBT ThemesSingle ParentWritersExplicit SexMature ThemesSexual AbuseJunjou RomanticaTV (12 eps)Studio DEEN2008

Misaki Takahashi has little hope of gaining into a university, therefore his older brothers Takahiro"s friend, Usami Akihiko, provides to guardian Misaki together a favor to Takahiro - for Usami is secretly in love with him. However, together time passes Misaki realizes that he has uncomfortable and budding feelings for Usami. Meanwhile, Hiroki is a guy who can"t get over an unrequited love v Usami in the past - and also with the help of Nowaki, he may lastly learn come love again. These couples and an ext experience the joys and also sadness the love in between men under the many unlikely conditions.

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TagsBLComedyDramaRomanceShounen-aiAge GapCohabitationLGBT ThemesRomantic ComedyWritersYaoi Hand SyndromeSexual ContentGravitation: lyrics of LoveOVA (2 eps)Plum1999

Shuichi and the rest of negative Luck are back, and better than ever. Having reached the heights of call in the music world, a brand-new opportunity is top top the horizon: the Tokyo just Music Festival! bad Luck is set to perform, however so is Nittle Grasper, their supreme rival. What"s worse is the Yuki, Shuichi"s lover, has written the text for Nittle Grasper"s performing song! through low spirits and heavy hearts, can the gang pull together for one last song to prove come Japan they"re the ideal band in the world?

TagsBLRomanceShoujoShounen-aiAdult CouplesMature RomanceMusicOpposites AttractRock MusicShowbizWritersLovelessTV (12 eps)J.C.Staff2005

Ritsuka has actually nowhere to operation or hide. He lost his memories and his mother’s love support, and also then his brother -- his single defender -- to be brutally murdered. The is totally alone until Soubi appears, saying the native he many wants come hear, but refuses come believe: “I love you and will perform anything for you.” Flung into a people of intrigue and magic, whereby bonded bag battle and only Soubi have the right to fight for him, he struggles to uncover his brother’s killer. However he must likewise face the most bitter inquiry of all: if you can"t remember who you were, does that average you don"t recognize who girlfriend are?

TagsBLDramaFantasyRomanceShoujoShounen-aiAge GapAnimal CharacteristicsContemporary FantasyMagicNon-Human ProtagonistsAnimal AbuseMature ThemesSuper LoversTV (10 eps)Studio DEEN2016

Fooled into coming abroad by news that his mother"s impending death, high institution student Kaido Haru meet a boy who insists the he"s his brother. Haru does his ideal to progressive feral and obstinate Ren, however there seems to it is in a mystery behind Ren"s birth. On height of that, just when Ren starts to heat up to Haru, tragedy strikes. 5 years later, Haru reunites with Ren, every grown increase in Tokyo, but…

TagsBLComedyDramaRomanceShounen-aiSlice that LifeAge GapBrother ComplexLGBT ThemesLifestyle ChangeOpposites AttractSiblingsSong of Wind and TreesOVA (1 ep x 60 min)Triangle Staff1987

When nobleman and also gypsy-born Serge Batouille arrived at Laconblade Academy, he had actually no idea his life would adjust forever. Top top arriving, that is roomed v the sexually-voracious and also flirtatious Gilbert Cocteau, i m sorry ensures the life in ~ the prestigious college will dole out much more complications and confrontations 보다 either boy has dealt with in the past. Together, these 2 youngmen brave love, growth, and the ache of youth, every while cultivation closer with each other than anyone would have actually thought...

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When his interior designer mom takes off to new York because that a year, Toranosuke, dorky surname notwithstanding, gets sent to stay with his uncle. And it"s simply his luck that Ryouji is obnoxious, violent, and also has the same sharp tongue together Tora"s mom. Only it transforms out the he"s not really that bad, and also maybe Tora is falling in love (with his uncle, of all people), and also Ryouji has actually a love of gold underneath the bellowing and violence. Other than that Ryouji"s pretty lot the worst male in the world to loss for: the enjoys sex an ext than eating, has a appointment problem, and also has long because convinced himself the he"s really, really straight.

TagsBLYaoiAge GapCancelledIncestMy Uncle"s broken Heart and MeVol: 1; Ch: 5Daisy Comics2017 - 2018

Kaname has always loved his uncle Takashi ever because he to be a child. The two have a mutual secret: Kaname admitting to liking boys at a young age and Takashi being gay. Though, Kaname has a larger secret: he likes his uncle Takashi romantically. Kaname to know his uncle would ever before only see him as his nephew, and also when Takashi moves out from the household one day, Kaname is compelled to ask his feelings. Now a high school student, Kaname is life an median life despite he quiet misses Takashi. However, as soon as his uncle suddenly reflects up out of the blue, Kaname"s hidden feelings climb again. That finds self confessing come Takashi, even offering his very first time, and thus beginning the facility relationship in between them.

TagsBLRomanceYaoiAge GapLGBT ThemesIncestFurenaide small StarVol: 1; Ch: 6Mellow Kiss2020 - 2021

The father and son Yuki and Haru who"s not linked by blood. Yuki, in spite of being anomega has a body that doesn"t acquire heats, is living peacefully through Haru who"s one alpha.... But, ~ above Haru"s 18th date of birth he suddenly kissed Yuki, and also because of this Yuki"s body started to change..!? A cool and also young alpha and also an larger omega that doesn"t have heats. A very wholehearted love story begins.

TagsBLRomanceYaoiAge GapOmegaverseOrphansSingle ParentExplicit SexIncestSuterare Omega wa Futatabi NakuVol: 1; Ch: 7Charles Mag Omegaverse2018 - 2020

Kyouichi is among many people who to be used and also thoughtlessly discarded by a selfish alpha called Takane. Due to the fact that then, Kyouichi has specialized his life to caring for another person Takane abandoned: his young child Neon. Although the two have actually lived as embraced father and son for many years, Neon"s alpha nature is emerging and also calling the end to Kyouichi"s long-repressed omega pheromones. Top top Neon"s 16th birthday, their partnership is forever changed...

TagsBLDramaRomanceYaoiAge GapDysfunctional FamiliesFated LoversOmegaverseSingle ParentExplicit SexIncestNamida ni Nureta KoiVol: 1; Ch: 52009

Iori is the daughter the a wealthy family members who has lived a caged-in existence. She has actually lived her life complying with the path set down by her parents, and now she is about to it is in married off to a man she doesn"t love. She runs away and also stumbles top top the late-night food stand run by Akira. His kindness and also warmth opens her mind come a human being she didn"t know existed--but as soon as his tragic past threatens to damage the pure love the has started to blossom, she need to choose in between the life she has constantly known and a love she didn"t know was possible.

TagsDramaJoseiRomanceAge GapAnthologiesSmutExplicit SexIncestAni come Otouto no Niizuma Shoya Kentei (Light Novel)Vol: 1Sugar Love Bunko2013

This entry at this time doesn"t have actually a synopsis. Check back soon!

TagsLight NovelsRomanceAge GapInfidelitySmutExplicit SexIncestMourning and brand-new DepartureVol: 1; Ch: 5onBLUE2018 - 2019

Yukito is cure poorly through the adults around him. His mother left him v his stepfather when he was young. His stepfather began abusing him quickly after, together Yukito thrived to look more and an ext like his missing mother. Yukito is sexually target by his elders, also his father"s colleague, who forces himself ~ above him in ~ a dinner that he attended rather of his father. Haruki Goto is the taxi driver the picked Yukito increase after the "dinner." half conscious and unable come walk, Haruki do the efforts to carry Yukito but is caught off guard as soon as Yukito punches the in the face. Will certainly Yukito psychic this night? What happens when they fulfill again, yet this time v Yukito"s father additionally in the car?

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gekoladieApr 12, 2011

I uncovered this anime innately creepy. One of two people I"m misunderstanding a pretty major concept, or this anime is one of the most perverted people I"ve ever before seen, since it shows up to function shota-con. The relationship were every creepy, specific the one in between Mira and Kyousuke since of their far-reaching age gap, as well as the implicit they have actually been having actually sex for a long time. I didn"t really let myself prefer this anime since of the implicitly paedophilia, however it was okay.

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Anime in 200 Words: Papa to Kiss in the DarkPremise: A whiny teenager boy is in love v his father and can’t get sufficient of their bonding time, also though that complains every time the daddy goes because that his zipper. Meanwhile, all of his friend want into his pants together well, yet it’s simply not the same.Plausibility: Ecchi is typically implausible, yet I simply don’t think the a whiny, sniveling small wuss would be so famous period, much much less conveniently surrounding by gay men who want him. It’s difficult to tolerate this guy; why would certainly you desire to sleep with him?!?Characters: anyone is underdeveloped and only given straightforward traits. That seems likely that the male personalities who aren’t whiny young or insatiable dad are only in the anime to present how irresistible whiny boy is or the he certainly has other choices besides dad. I can’t remember anyone’s name, and also that’s a negative sign.Overall: There’s no much below besides fighting between rivals for whiny boy’s love, disturbing thoughts around incest, and also whiny young being emo. Why did i watch it? i was morbidly curious, and also any variety of cats can tell girlfriend what provides that dangerous.


Crazybaby14Dec 19, 2020

I have seen numerous comments that the anime is no nice so i am writing this comment to tell u that THE ANIME IS FREAKING AWESOME and I wish IT HAD an ext EPISODES therefore DONT think OTHERS and also WATCH IT!!!!!