P0341 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) because that "Camshaft place Sensor Circuit Range/Performance". This can happen for many reasons and also a mechanic demands to diagnose the specific cause because that this code to be motivated in your situation. Our certified mobile mechanics can involved your residence or office to carry out theCheck Engine light diagnosticfor $114.99. As soon as we room able to diagnose the problem, you will certainly be listed with one upfront quote for the encourage fix and also receive $20.0 off together a credit towards the repair. Every our repairs are backed by ours 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty.

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P0341 code definition

Camshaft position Sensor Circuit Range/Performance

What the P0341 code means

P0341 is an OBD-II generic password that states the engine regulate module (ECM) detected the engine camshaft position sensor circuit is no within specifications. The sensor pulses carry out not correlate come the pulses that the crankshaft sensor.

What causes the P0341 code?

The camshaft sensor pulses less times than supposed in a stated amount of engine transformations when contrasted to the crankshaft sensor.

The wiring or connection to the speed sensor is acquiring shorted or losing link intermittently.

What room the symptoms of the P0341 code?

The examine Engine Light will certainly be illuminated and also the password is set in ECM memory.The engine could stall or not start once failure is present.The engine may have actually a misfire and may buck or jerk if driving because that an intermittent connection.The engine may not start or have actually low power if it does start.

How does a mechanic diagnose the P0341 code?

Scans password and paper the freeze frame data in order come verify the problem.

Clears the engine and also ETC codes and road test to verify concern comes back.

Visually check the wiring and connections come the camshaft sensor for loose connections or damaged wiring.

Disconnects and checks the resistance and signal voltage native the camshaft sensor.

Checks for any kind of corrosion in the sensor connections.

Checks the sensor reluctor wheel for breakage or damages on the camshaft or camshaft gear.

Common mistakes as soon as diagnosing the P0341 code

Failure to check and also remove the camshaft sensor to look for excessive amounts of metal on the sensor which may reason erratic or no readings from the sensor

Replacing the sensor once the fail cannot be duplicated

How serious is the P0341 code?

A fail camshaft sensor can cause the engine to operation erratic, stall, or not begin at all.

An intermittent camshaft sensor signal can reason the engine to run rough, jerk, or misfire while driving.

The inspect Engine irradiate on will reason the automobile to fail emission testing.

What repairs deserve to fix the P0341 code?

Replacing the faulty camshaft sensor

Replacing a damaged reluctor ring top top the camshaft gear

Repairing corroded relationships to the camshaft sensor

Additional comments for consideration regarding the P0341 code

Code P0341 is triggered when the camshaft sensor does no correlate come the position of the crankshaft. The crankshaft sensor should additionally be checked during the diagnostic check for any problems the could cause the code to be received.

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