It was on January 20th, 1982 as soon as Ozzy Osbourne cemented his location in absent infamy by biting the head turn off a real bat during a concert in Des Moines, IA. That a story the rock fans understand well: Osbourne – currently known because that biting heads turn off of things at mirrors – got hold of what he perceived as a rubber bat which to be thrown ~ above stage and bit the head turn off of it. He discovered out pretty rapid it was real.

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Ozzy had actually a show scheduled because that March 23rd, 1983 in ~ the Brown ar Arena. He to be no stranger to eco-friendly Bay… he played the Arena in respectable of 1981 with Def Leppard opening. But the bat incident in addition to other controversies that complied with “The Prince the Darkness” were contributing factors to the 1983 show nearly being cancelled. The Brown ar Board got a complaint from a involved citizen which was passed on come the Arena Committee about the concert and also after hear from the general public voted 4-0 come cancel the show, i beg your pardon was essentially a recommendation to the Brown county Board who would need to vote top top it in ~ their next meeting.

However, was not about to let that happen. Routine Director Wayne Shayne instantly started petitions which fans can sign at the radio station as well as local music shops. In addition, planned an on-air Ozzy “Superkill” featuring plenty of of his songs. Follow to the Green just Press-Gazette, had actually over 5600 signatures through March third and at some point over 10,000.

Memo indigenous PD Wayne Shayne come the airstaff about the Ozzy Osbourne petitions and on-air "Superkill".

All the fuss was for naught yet as Ozzy cancelled the show due to illness the night before. Osbourne would at some point return to environment-friendly Bay because that a concert ~ above July 11th, 1986 through Metallica as the opened act.



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