Yes, detachable tongue clippers space expensive and also are a little bit trickier to use, but they are strong, sharp and can reduced through every form of hair.

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If you want to play roughly a lot through the haircuts lengths, you may want to add some plastic combs for the blade. But then, the performance of the chisels with combs is no the same as once you choose to use the detachable knives alone.

If you desire a perfect balding clipper, you might want to acquire an Oster #00000 blade for your Oster design 10.

Remember to swap the Oster model 10 knives while the maker is running. This will decrease the risk of them acquiring misaligned and also messing v your haircutting job.

Let’s covering the weaknesses of the model 10

The version 10 clippers have impeccable blades and an Oster hair cutter’s high-quality motor, but similar to the classic 76, they carry out tend to obtain quite hot.

This method that you can face some discomfort and difficulties during a an extensive haircut through these professional Oster clippers.

This problem can be addressed if girlfriend take the time to pause and wash the chisels with an Oster or various other coolant wash. This will save you comfortable, and also your customer’s scalp for sure from burns.

Also, even though the Oster version 10 clippers space lighter than the Oster standard 76 clippers, they are still ~ above the heavy side.

If you desire a an ext compact set of cutters, you should opt because that the incredibly lightweight and tiny Remington faster way Pro. However then again these room not barber grade hair cutters.


Personally, once it comes to a an option between the classic 76 and also Model 10, i would choose the Oster classic 76 clippers.

The Oster version 10 clippers space a an ext approachable variation of the traditional Oster skilled barber tools.

They are more professional than the rapid Feed from Oster.

Thanks come the Oster hair clippers’ famous single speed universal motor and the strong detachable blades, the model 10 is still a perfect barber cut tool.

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If you space planning on relocating from the classic 76 to the design 10, you will be happy to understand that they have actually interchangeable blades and that the Oster model clipper parts are the exact same as those the the classic model.

Overall, v Oster design 10, you will certainly be able to attain perfect, an exact cuts. That will handle all species of hair, and also given that you use blade to wash to cool turn off the blades, will permit you to make the perfect haircuts all day long for year to come!