This tune is meant for Scouts BSA, Webelos scouts. Decision for you yourself if the is suitable for your younger scouts or not.The Tune: Your web browser does not support the audio element.Lyrics:On optimal of Old Smokey All extended with snow, I shed my true lover because that courting too slow. Now, courting is a pleasure and parting is grief, and also a false-hearted lover Is worse 보다 a thief. A thief will just rob you and also take what friend have, but a false-hearted lover will lead you come the grave. and the grave will degeneration you and also turn you come dust; not one girl in a hundreds A poor boy can trust. They"ll hug you and also kiss you and tell you an ext lies 보다 the crossties ~ above the rail Or stars in the sky. So, caome all you young maidens and also listen come me, Never ar your affection on a eco-friendly willow tree. because that the leaves they will certainly wither, and the roots they will die, You"ll every be forsaken and also never recognize why. On optimal of Old Smokey All covered with snow, I lost my true lover for courting as well slow. On height of Old Smokey, All spanned with sand, i shot my institution teacher, through an old rubber band. i shot her through pleasure, i shot her with pride, For ns couldn"t miss out on her, She was fourty feet wide. She run out and catched me, Throwed me "cross she knee, yet in the seat of mine britches, I had actually my old Geography. She reached for she ruler, and took a swipe at me, She missed old Kentucky, but she fight Tennessee. On optimal of Old Smokey All covered with dirt, I shed my suspenders my socks and also my shirt. I shed my umbrella. I lost my pet frog. Mine food in my lunch box, obtained ate through a dog. I shed my left sneaker, my hat and also my comb. I shed my brand-new toothbrush. I lost my method home. I discovered my way home, then ns did sure enough. And I discovered my mommy With every one of my ingredient Yes ns did (with every one of my stuff!) On peak of mine pizza All covered with sauce can not find the mushrooms i think they obtained lost. i looked in the closet i looked in the sink ns looked in the cup that held my cola drink. ns looked in the saucepan ideal under the lid No matter where i looked Those mushrooms stayed hid. following time you make pizza I"m begging you, please carry out not provide me mushrooms however just level old cheese. On top of spaghetti, All spanned with cheese,I shed my negative meatball, when somebody sneezed.It rolled turn off the table,And on come the floor,And then my poor meatball,Rolled the end of the door.It rolled in the garden,And under a bush,And then my negative meatball,Was nothing yet mush.The mush was together tastyAs tasty might be,And climate the next summer, It flourished into a tree.The tree was all covered,All extended with moss,And ~ above it grew meatballs,And tomato sauce.So if girlfriend eat spaghetti,All covered with cheese,Hold ~ above to her meatball,Whenever you sneeze.Click one come vote: walk you choose it?
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Alternative variation of "On height of Old Smokey"Please include :)Ready.... Begin....On optimal of old smokey, extended with sand, i shot my poor teacher v a red rubberband, I saw her funeral, I visited her grave, once they threw flowers, us threw hand grenades.
Those parodies there to be in our Scout Song publications here to under under, and when I read these, and the original, it carried back great memories of mine days in Cubs, Scouts, best through to Rover scouts, and then once I became and also assistant cub leader while living in Penang, i taught mine young dues the exact same songs the end of the very same song book I took through me. Climate on arriving earlier home also up together assistant again till i left scouting in "78. The music biz, and also normal work took increase too much time..afternoon shifts have the right to be a trying time because that leaders getting to the meeting, bar top top holidays off work. Yet like ns said...I learnt a lot in Scouting, consisting of discipline...the days us were allowed to teach it, and also other thngs of good principles that some are now deemed no politically correct...(the PC range and I execute not acquire never will)..cubs, and also scouts were tougher than children today...nowadays you have to mollycoddle them if a feather flew with the air and hit them...then castle cry.
On optimal of the hills All extended in snow and in the volcanoThe lava will glowOn optimal of the redwoods200 feet highAnd as soon as I jump offpeople under there think I come from the skyOn height of the white cloudsThat are made the steamSome just won"t end up being rainSo i can"t join the teamOn height of the canyonswhen I will jump downWhen ns dive in waterI will slowly get drownedOn optimal of the moonI stand of a faceEver heard of asiaThat i-is mine race
My third grade teacher make a shortened version of this for the messiest son in our class. I can"t mental the totality thing, however I psychic this part: "She didn"t watch happy She didn"t look glad In fact, my poor teacher yes, really looked sad She said me come clean it gain my publications off the workdesk (Can"t psychic the words here) i did it with pleasure i did it v pride" She inquiry if his workdesk was yes, really a desk or simply Old Smokey prior to doing this.

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This is the version I learned:On optimal of old Smokey all extended in snow, i learned a good lesson girlfriend all should know.For ns met a good hunter. That was only a youth, however he wasn’t searching rabbits. The was searching the truth.He told me he uncovered it, in the red sunset’s glow, in the sound that the thunder, and the touch the the snow. The fact was fairly simple, simply as level as might be. And also I’ll constantly remember, what the hunter said me.Be sort to your neighbor, it is in honest and also true. Be kind to her neighbor, and also he’ll be kind to you.